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Enzo Ishall’s lowest score

By Wayne Chiridza

Zimbabwe hot rod, Enzo Ishall seems to be falling out of favour as he is deviating from the ‘Stallion’ most local music lovers had fallen in love with.

Enzo Ishall
Enzo Ishall

On Monday, the Kanjiva hit-maker released a new single titled Highest Score which was accompanied by a video on YouTube.

But, according to reviews from fans, it seems the video that was directed by South Africa-based Buffalo Souljah is Enzo’s lowest score as it is being heavily slated. Some said they feel it has Satanism element because of the demons which are portrayed and that he could have done way better, had he not left Chillspot Records.

Listening to Highest Score, it is clear that Enzo, who is now signed under controversial Prophet Passion’s Passion Java Records, is changing his music style and trying to adopt what seems like international trends.

He is failing dismally as that simply is not his style. Highest Score is far away from Zimdancehall as it has a feel of Jamaican dancehall and an auto-tuned voice (a mix up of Alkaline, Tommy Lee and Mavado).

The video itself has poor graphics that depict demons and hell, something which fans did not take well.

Commenting on the video, social media influencer Tatelicious called Enzo a failure and suggested that he leaves the prophet’s record label as she feels it is tainting his image and making him deviate from his ways.

“Dear Enzo, please divorce yourself from Java. People related to your music because you were coming from humble beginnings. I know you don’t have O level and your sense of reasoning capacity is a bit dull,” posted Tatelicious on social media.

A lot concurred with Tatelicious saying Enzo needs to revert to his initial style.

“Go back to your humble beginnings and only God will lift you up. Do not trust in wolves who come in sheep’s clothing. That video is full of darkness. I wouldn’t be proud to display such a dark video, especially to your younger fans.

“You’re a public figure now. Be careful who you mix with. You’re going places, drop the wolves and work with God and His Angels, they will lift you up. The Devil comes to kill, steal and destroy Enzo. We pray for any spirit of destruction to be destroyed in Jesus name,” wrote one Geneva Muchenje.

With a lot of negative feedback on the video’s YouTube comments section, Enzo decided to turn off the comments so that people would not read them. Instead, he shared an image which showed that the video was among the top two on the YouTube trending list, to which people commented saying it was because a lot was being said about the video so more and more people are viewing it.

Explaining the video, Enzo said: “I wanted to express the challenges we face daily as human beings, but still choosing to get up and fight till we hit the highest score.”

However, some suggested that Enzo was rebranding and is actually on the right path.

“Change is always resistant young man. Some will fight this, but give it time, they’ll celebrate the song. Hold on and keep focusing. I didn’t like the fact that you blocked the comments section, to me it shows you just want people to talk good, of which it is impossible. You can’t win everyday man, we all learn from our mistakes,” commented Tinashe Kashangura. The Chronicle