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Diaspora fatherhood challenges to be unpacked on Fathers’ Day TV show

By Leopold Munhende | New Zimbabwe |

It is Fathers’ Day this Sunday, 20 June. Fatherhood is not only a blessing and a full-time assignment that transcends time but an eternal calling.

Mr. Peter Soxx Soko (Picture by Moments Images)
Mr. Peter Soxx Soko (Picture by Moments Images)

Are the diaspora fathers living up to the challenge or are they caught in a conundrum of socio-dynamics eroding the ‘head of the house’ power-base?

Is traditional fatherhood under siege and being debased by a silent socio-phenomenon?

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The diaspora fatherhood challenges are immense and to unpack the evolving challenges, a panel of experts will on Saturday 19 June at 7 pm UK time tackle the issues head-on as part of celebrating Fathers’ Day.

Hosted by Diaspora Insurance and anchored by seasoned presenter Mr. Peter Soxx Soko, the event to be broadcast live on NewZimbabwe.com Facebook page and other online platforms.

It will feature Bishop Bernard Mberi the President of AFM UK, Dr. Julius Mugwagwa an Associate Professor of Innovation and Technology at University College London, and Jeff Madzingo the CEO of Diaspora Insurance.

Diaspora Families
Diaspora Families

Other panelists are; Dr. Dominic Pasura who is a Senior Lecturer in Sociology at the University of Glasgow, UK whose research interests include global migration, transnationalism and diaspora studies, and African diasporas, he is published widely in peer-reviewed journals and edited books and is the author of the ‘African Transnational Diasporas: Fractured Communities and Plural Identities of Zimbabweans in Britain’, and Mrs. Rumbidzai Bvunzawabaya a widely respected solicitor, CEO and Founder of Migrant Family Support which is a CIC supporting Migrants of African Origin living in the UK providing holistic support in areas of legal advice and psychosocial support.

“We thought it will be a fitting moment to reflect and share experiences on the journey of fatherhood, looking particularly at fathers in the diaspora,” said Diaspora Insurance.

“The diaspora fatherhood challenges are immense, and it is in this background that we are convening a panel to kick-start a discussion and spawn further conversations.

“It’s part of our social responsibilities and community investment to create voices and identify resource people that craft solution for the common good of the wider community” added Diaspora Insurance.