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Diaspora Insurance continues offering dignified send-off during Covid-19

By Ndatenda Njanike

DIASPORA Insurance continues playing its pivotal role in supporting thousands of people working and living in the Diaspora who need funeral financial assistance as the world battles the deadly COVID-19 pandemic.

Diaspora Funeral Cash Plan CEO Jeff Madzingo
Diaspora Funeral Cash Plan CEO Jeff Madzingo

During these trying times, the company through its popular Diaspora Funeral Cash Plan, has paid out tens of thousands in US$ cash claims to assist families after loved ones succumbed to COVID-19.

Speaking in a live show hosted by popular TV presenter Rumbi Bvunzawabaya this week, Diaspora Insurance chief executive, Jeff Madzingo said the COVID-19 era had seen companies and individuals going through trying times.

However, the insurance company had managed to push through and offer soft landing to families who had suddenly lost their loved ones by offering funeral benefits within 24 hours of providing proof of death.

Cash benefits have also turned out to be a novelty as a lot of families found themselves needing flexibility in terms of what their cover can do for them in the lockdown situation. Some families have had to switch to burial abroad or even cremation with the view of home burial after lockdown.

“During this COVID pandemic, we have had to settle tens of thousands in terms of claims within hours, and families will have money in their accounts. That’s just how quick we work. It is a very simple policy,” he said.

Madzingo said the payment to the bereaved families was also easily accessible.

“When the family is briefed they indicate how they want us to pay them. If they want us to pay in a US bank account, we pay in a US bank account or UK account. Even if they want us to pay in a Rand account we pay in that Rand account.

“Situations will arise where the family wants to be paid in a money transfer platform like and we will settle in any way that is convenient to the family,” said Madzingo.

He added that because of the lockdown in many countries battling to halt the spread of COVID-19, some bereaved families of beneficiaries were opting for cremation and will only carry to their final resting later.

“Some people will choose that ‘we have the cash, just do the cremation, then after the lockdown, we will carry the ashes to their final resting place’,” said Madzingo.

He said the insurance cash plan was regulated in the United Kingdom and South Africa and has supporting call centres in both countries.

“A dignified send is guaranteed, peace of mind is guaranteed,” Madzingo reassured beneficiaries during the TV show. 

You can visit the website: Diaspora Funeral Cash Plan