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ZCC Gokwe Defe evictions: Mutendi speaks out

By Hardlife Samuwi

Zimbabwe Zion Christian Church (ZCC) leader Nehemiah Mutendi, has clarified on modalities surrounding the relocation of some villagers staying in the vicinity of the church’s headquarters in Gokwe Defe area in Midlands, Zim Morning Post can report.

The current leader, Bishop Nehemiah
Bishop Nehemiah Mutendi

In an exclusive interview in Gokwe over the weekend, the popular cleric acknowledged that he had received complaints from some of the displaced villagers but he explained the circumstances surrounding the relocations, adding that it was an inevitable step forward.

A snap survey carried out by this reporter in Gokwe established that some villagers were resisting to be relocated and endangering their lives since ZCC has built a dam in the area – making it inhabitable.

“My brother look here, ZCC has built a dam to boost irrigation projects and animal husbandry in the area , and it was necessary to move some of the villagers who will be fully compensated and have houses built for them, the challenge is some of them are not willing to adapt to the new normal hence they make complaints through wrong channels like the Press,” said a senior church official.

Mutendi applauded this publication for making a site visit to establish the situation prevailing on the ground.

“I am happy because you are here, at least you will get the first hand information for yourself not to get information through phones, so my guys will take you around and they will show you what we are doing for us to develop this area “said Mutendi.

In pursuit of the truth on the ground, Zim Morning Post spoke to one ‘victim’ who identified himself as

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Clever Zviviri and he hailed the new development.

“The only problem with these people who are resisting the change is because they are used to old fashioned.

“I pray my fellow villagers will understand what the Bishop (Mutendi) is trying to achieve and try to support his vision.

“Surely our area will change, you can see what he is doing, he is building clinics, schools and he also started a lot of projects to support us in terms of infrastructural development,” he added.

He continued:

“The biggest problem is that we have cry-babies and they do not want to see development.

“After my relocation, a house was built for me because we could not possibly stay in wetlands next to a dam.”

ZCC has also embarked on construction of schools in the area and this gesture has gone a long way in improving the literacy rate in the region.

Mutendi’s spokesperson Sanctions Mutendi said enemies of progress were against the noble developments in the area mostly because of ignorance.

“We have a lot of projects for the villagers and we have built a canteen for them among other things in line for the benefit of the villagers,” said Sanctions (Mutendi).

Disgruntled villagers who reached out to this publication earlier developed cold feet when asked to give testimonies upon this reporter’s visit in Gokwe. Zim Morning Post