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Husband claims Linda Masarira is receiving Z$5000 a month from CIO… ‘flees to SA’

By Staff Reporter

Linda Masarira’s husband, Gilbert Kaingidza, has made sensational claims that the controversial politician is receiving RTGS $5000 (in cash) a month from the Central Intelligence Organisation (CIO) and that the car she is currently using was given to her by the same state security agency.

Linda Masarira and Gilbert Kaingidza
Linda Masarira and Gilbert Kaingidza

Kaingidza who has since gone back to his first wife in South Africa, told Nehanda Radio on Tuesday that his life was in danger because Masarira was trying to have him killed or arrested and was refusing to give him his “phone, ID passport, South African drivers licence and two bank cards.”

“I came here through border jumping, running for dear life. I had a chat with her two days ago and she said she is investigating me and has guys in SA as we speak looking for me. Meaning I’m a hunted man and can be caught any minute,” Kaingidza told Nehanda Radio.

Nehanda Radio spoke to Masarira on Wednesday and she dismissed the claims by Kaingidza;

“That is pure absolute nonsense. If I was receiving that amount of money why am I struggling to pay my rentals, why am I struggling to pay school fees, why am I struggling to pay my debtors? That is pure utter rubbish. He is just a man who was on a mission to destroy me, who is trying to use whatever he thinks can portray me as a Zanu PF agent to the world to destroy me.

“That was his intention from the word go. I’ve got audios from my son who he was trying to recruit into his spy network. Who actually alluded to the fact that they were being paid. And he even confessed to me after the last time he had beaten me and tried to stab me with a knife in December that he was actually being used by Job Sikhala to set a narrative of destroying my political career.

“Gilbert Kaingidza actually came back from South Africa early this September. The first day he came he was verbally and emotionally abusing me and he ran away. The following two days he assaulted me twice in a row, first at Abigale Mupambi’s house, secondly at my house in front of my parents and babamunini Fungai, that’s the day he tried to stab me.

“And the following day he went to meet his masters at Marlborough Civic Centre to plot against me. When we went to court he had paid some people, because the issue of him stabbing me was never read out and appeared to have been removed from the docket and I queried this.

Linda Masarira-Kaingidza says she will not lose sleep over pictures and chats being posted on social media about her husband Gilbert Kaingidza.
Linda Masarira-Kaingidza and her husband Gilbert Kaingidza.

Masirira told Nehanda Radio that it was then that she also started spying on Kaingidza and realised that he was communicating with a lot of politicians and plotting against her while claiming to be just a trucker. “I am a woman who wants to save Zimbabwe from doom, and will not be swayed.” She said she was so broke if the CIO wanted to pay her RTGS $5000 she would gladly accept it.

“He left his documents in the car and I told him to come pick them up and he said he couldn’t because he was afraid of being arrested. His passport was last stamped on 2016 and I only noticed last week I had never opened his passport and it left me with a lot of questions kuti who is this guy.”

In September Masarira (37) dragged Kaingidza (37) to court over several counts of domestic violence. He was convicted and fined for the offence. Those who know the couple claim the additional problem is that the two are heavy drinkers and get into regular fights.

That same month Kaingidza, who says he has been employed as a truck driver in South Africa for over 12 years, issued a public apology that was also published in full by Nehanda Radio;

“I regret having my family issues escalating in social media and beating up my wife on 4 & 5 September 2019 for a silly misunderstanding caused by jealousy. We had a disagreement which I failed to handle amicably as a man. #BecauseIamAman I own up for my transgressions.”

“Just like any marriage we have had our fair share of challenges and I publicly apologize to my wife, her family and followers for my barbaric and uncalled for archaic actions. What happened between my wife and I has nothing to do with politics.

“Contrary to media reports that I intend to harm the person of my wife, I’m not a politician. I have been in warehousing and logistics in South Africa for 14 years. 7 years ago I met Mrs. Kaingidza to whom we have a 6 year old child. #BecauseIAmAMan I love my wife,” he wrote in September.