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Full Text: Linda Masarira husband issues PUBLIC APOLOGY for beating her up

By Gilbert Kaingidza

I regret having my family issues escalating in social media and beating up my wife on 4 & 5 September 2019 for a silly misunderstanding caused by jealousy. We had a disagreement which I failed to handle amicably as a man. #BecauseIamAman I own up for my transgressions.

Linda Masarira and Gilbert Kaingidza
Linda Masarira and Gilbert Kaingidza

Just like any marriage we have had our fair share of challenges and I publicly apologize to my wife, her family and followers for my barbaric and uncalled for archaic actions. What happened between my wife and I has nothing to do with politics.

Contrary to media reports that I intend to harm the person of my wife, I’m not a politician. I have been in warehousing and logistics in South Africa for 14 years. 7 years ago I met Mrs. Kaingidza to whom we have a 6 year old child. #BecauseIAmAMan I love my wife.

To my family, friends and the rest of the world I apologize again. I spent 2 days in police cells and was fined by a magistrate at Rotten Row Magistrates court on Thursday after pleading guilty to two counts of domestic violence and I regret as a man and husband.

I acknowledge my responsibilities to love, listen, respect and support my wife’s dreams to fruition. Women are not objects that we can just toss around. It is with regret that I stand before my wife to apologize instead of laughing with her as we always do. #BecauseIamAman.

However I’m worried about false media reports that target my wife through our marriage just to distract her political focus. I wish for a just world that recognizes capable leaders for their contributions to development, particularly women like my wife Linda Kaingidza.

Stop polarizing the environment with propaganda. This has been the norm in Zimbabwe particularly via social media, were excessive propaganda is used to destroy women in politics personalities. Families have been affected by propaganda spread via social media.

In conclusion, I love my wife and will stand by her until death do us part. To all those who have been trying to create enemity and dig negative information leading to the spreading of malicious statements about my wife, please stay away from my whatsapp inbox. 

I vowed to be Linda’s husband , to love and protect her and not to spy on her.

My message to all husbands who feel intimidated by their wives, who can’t control their temper and who use any form of violence against women is, let us reform our minds and treat our women with respect, dignity and love. Let us all stand together United as husbands who love their wives and stop domestic violence against our women.