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Goblins shut down schools . . . Teachers flee as females wake up wearing male counterparts’ trousers

By Danisa Masuku

Fudu primary and secondary schools in Nkayi, Matabeleland North Province, have been closed for three weeks after teachers fled in terror when female teachers woke up wearing their male counterparts’ trousers.

The deserted buildings at the affected school in Nkayi
The deserted buildings at the affected school in Nkayi

Goblins are said to be behind the bizarre incident which has disrupted public examinations at the institutions.

As if that was not enough, one of the male teachers claimed that whenever he was at the school grounds he would fall into a trance and see the shoes of a teacher who they suspected to have been killed by another teacher at the school.

He said since the last week of September they had faced a hellish time at the hands of the alleged spirit of the late teacher.

Now word doing the rounds is that the spirit of the late is hovering at the school and tormenting teachers.

“ There are two teachers who fought for the position of deputy head and subsequently one died mysteriously and we firmly believe that her spirit is the one that is hovering at the school and disrupting lessons,” he said.

Speaking on condition of anonymity a female teacher confirmed that she and her female counterparts woke up wearing trousers.

“I have not seen anything like that! It’s strange. Just imagine about six of us strangely woke up wearing trousers of our male colleagues,” said the female teacher.

As a result teachers fled the school and pupils at both schools have been left stranded.

A teacher said pupils who were sitting for examinations were affected.

“This thing has left pupils who are sitting for final public O-level examinations greatly affected because they have to walk more than 18 kilometres to Mpumelelo High School where it has been arranged they sit for their examinations.

“This has put the pupils’ preparations for end of year examinations into disarray as it has disturbed their preparations and it’s not known whether they will write examinations or not,” said the teacher.

Parents have been left worried and with the aid of the local leadership have sought the services of a witch-hunters.

A villager from Ward 22, Robert Moyo, said each community member contributed $5 to pay the witch-hunters.

“The pupils who have been disturbed are from Ward 22 and Ward 23 and those wards have more than 200 homesteads respectively. We divided ourselves into two groups.

“Some slept at the primary school while some slept at the secondary school.

“We were asked to sing for the whole night and at around 3am they (witch-hunters) conducted cleansing but they failed to get rid of the beings which they claimed are goblins,” he said.

Village head Victor Mloyi said witch-hunters had failed to exorcise the school of the goblins.

“They have tried to root out the beings for a week but they have failed. We are worried. After paying they tell us they cannot root it out.

“Now we are want to engage Chief Sikhobokhobo to plan the way forward,” said Mloyi.

Provincial education director Matabeleland North province Jabulani Mpofu confirmed the incident: “I can confirm that Fudu Primary School and Fudu Secondary have been affected by beings suspected to be goblins. The local leadership has engaged witch-hunters to exorcise the schools.”

He could not be drawn to explain how they would help pupils sitting for end of year examinations. B-Metro