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‘Know your self as a woman’

By Taonga Nyemba

Songbird Shashl does not only have the looks but beautiful voice too. Shashl who has released a number of singles is steadily building her musical empire with each passing day.

Shashl (Picture by IKD)
Shashl (Picture by IKD)

She proved her worth when she recently wowed fans at King 98’s album launch held at Wingate Golf Club.

Shashl also silenced her doubting Thomases with a polished performance set to endear her with fans.

H-Metro reporter Taonga Nyemba had a one on one interview with the songbird who opened up about her vision, love life and musical calling. Read on….

Q: What’s your real name and age?

A: My name is Ashleigh-angel Moyo “Shashl” and I’m 20.

Q: Do you have a boyfriend?

A: I’m single.

Q: How many albums or singles do you have?

A: I have seven singles and one album ready for release.

Q: There are a number of musical genres here in Zimbabwe but why did you get to choose Rnb?

A: I chose RnB because it resonates with my soul.

I am very soft spoken generally. I also feel like RnB speaks to the soul, which goes hand in hand with what I usually write about.

Q: What’s your target market?

A: My target market is everyone willing to hear me out because everyone goes through at least one or two things I have sung about, and everyone loves music.

Q: How was your first experience in studio?

A: It wasn’t anything exciting, I didn’t actually wanted to be there (lol) I was just forced to be there but got into the vibe eventually and began to enjoy it.

At that time, I didn’t know several tales of one section in a song had to be recorded it was tiring.

Q: Any achievements (Awards)

A: Most Emerging Young Women of the year 2018 award.

Q: Apart from music what else do you do?

A: I am also a brand model and a brand ambassador for many labels both locally and globally.

Q: Who does your wardrobe?

A: I do my wardrobe myself; I don’t copy anyone.

I just dress to be comfortable but at the same time stylish you know.

Q: How do you keep yourself fit?

A: I actually do not do much, I don’t go to the gym. I think I’m just like this.

Q: Being a daughter to the Minister of Health and Child Care how does that influence your career?

A: Being a daughter to the Minister I have to be a bit more responsible because of that I mean I just have to be responsible and carry myself well.

I somehow enjoy working with the girl child.

Recently, I have been doing donations for the Cyclone Idai victims.

I guess people forgot about the sanitation so that’s where I was working on.

Well it doesn’t feel like much of pressure because at the same time I want to be a medical doctor so you know my father really motivates me to work hard.

Q: How do you handle male predators, especially those who offer gifts in in return for sex?

A: Predators are plenty in the music industry but, you have to know yourself as a woman and know yourself as a person.

I come from a family of strong morals and strong character.

I grew up being told that you don’t take money from anyone.

So yeah, they are there and they always try their luck but as I’m saying, with morals and standards no matter how desperate you are, you have to learn to know how great it feels knowing that you work so hard for yourself.

Q: And are you working on any project?

A: Yeah, I am working on my first album, I will let you know when its released.

Q: Thank you for your time!

A: Welcome. H-Metro