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Jah Prayzah praises Mzilikazi girls

By Melissa Mpofu

There is a ‘dangerous’ lady from Mzilikazi suburb in Bulawayo whom Jah Prayzah wants the world to know about. According to him, she is a showstopper who is ‘dangerously’ attractive and irresistible.

Jah Prayzah with a bevy of beauties
Jah Prayzah with a bevy of beauties

This was revealed in track number two on his latest album titled ‘Chitubu’. Simply titled, ‘Dangerous’, the track that was produced by DJ Tamuka has already received rave reviews on social media platforms and will likely be a hit this festive season.

On the party song which has amassed 50 000 views on YouTube, Jah Prayzah showers praises on ladies from Mzilikazi.

“This song is about ‘hot chics’ from Bulawayo whom I described as dangerous (not directly). They’re dangerous as they are beautiful and are very good dancers,” he said.

With catchy lyrics, Jah Prayzah sings: “Dangerous, ndekepaMzilikazi. Dangerous, aka kanodhonza bhazi. Kati bounce bounce . . .”

He also encourages the ladies to be confident and proud of themselves as he has endorsed them.

“Ramba uchikakata, famba chisikana, kudubura bhodo, bhodo kukokota. Bata msana, tenderera, ramba uchikakata, ndini ndakusarudza. . .”
Quizzed why he had chosen to sing about a lady from Mzilikazi, Jah Prayzah said it was pure art.

“I could have sang about a girl from Bulawayo as a city, but I wanted this song to speak to people there. This is why I zoned in on the Mzilikazi township.”

He said this song which he wants people to dance along to this festive season, was good in that it can also be used to promote Bulawayo.

“Zimbabwe is big and I feel it’s time we start promoting different areas so people, both locally and internationally, have an appreciation of our country. As musicians, we’re the country’s ambassadors so we’re the best to enlighten people about what our country has to offer through music,” Jah Prayzah said.

Commenting on the track, some said they could already picture Jah Prayzah’s Third Generation backing vocalist Stimela dancing.

“I already see Stimela dancing to this ‘Ramba uchikakata, famba chisikana, baby chukucha’ part,” wrote one Melissa Madera.

Some said Jah Prayzah had ushered them into the festive season.

“December loading, Bulawayo approves. #Mzilikazi,” commented Beshine Rondozai.

Other than Bulawayo, Jah Prayzah also put Binga – an underrated tourist destination on the map through song Dzamutsana. The track, whose video was released on Monday and has been viewed over 200 000 times on YouTube, has a traditional set up and was shot in the rural areas of Binga.

“Dzamutsana is a song that talks about stalkers – in this instance there’s a guy who stalks a lady he has a crush on in the village.

“The music video was shot in Binga by videographer Vusa Blaqs and of note is a 121-year-old man who was featured. I found it amazing to work with a person who has lived that long.”

But of the 13 tracks contained on the album, the one dear to Jah Prayzah is track number 1 titled Chikomo. This is simply because the otherwise gospel tune speaks to him.

“Chikomo is a song where I thank the Almighty for guiding, protecting and blessing me even though there are some who have thrown stones in my path. I love it as it speaks to me, it talks about my life.”

After a successful launch of the album in Harare at the HICC this past weekend, Jah Prayzah whetted the appetite of most of his fans locally.

They now want to see him performing the album live in their various towns. But unfortunately, they will have to wait a little longer as he will be leaving the country next Thursday for Australia where he has shows lined up in four cities there.

He will only return after two weeks and hopefully, embark on a national tour that will see him performing in Bulawayo, Gweru, Mutare, Masvingo and Zvishavane among other places.

So for now, fans will be entertained by the artiste’s music videos with another video for song Follow Me that features Nigeria’s Patoranking set to be released in the coming week. This track, Jah Prayzah said, was about the life of the rich who enjoy bragging about their money.

“This is a song about the ballers’ life. Some of the lyrics are ‘if you want my money, follow me’ which is the thinking of big spenders. Certainly, this one doesn’t portray my life as I’m not all about that flashy life,” Jah Prayzah said.” The Chronicle