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Chichi resurfaces on Scandal!

Mbo Mahocs, who plays the role of troublemaker Chichi on South African soapie Scandal!, is expected to return to the screens possibly this coming week.

Mbo Mahocs
Mbo Mahocs

According to a teaser flighted on the Scandal! YouTube channel, Chichi, whom most believed had died, is back and viewers should expect more twists and turns.

Mbo plays a firebrand woman of Nigerian descent who is the girlfriend of antagonist Mthunzi. The couple kidnapped businessman Siseko Langa and had a hand in his death.

In the plot, Chichi was strangled by Mthunzi and left for dead wrapped in cowhide and was buried in a grave.

On the teaser for this week’s episodes, Chichi is featured yelling to a lady referred to as Annie telling her that she is dead.

While Annie’s role is also unclear, it seems she angered Chichi after giving out hints of Chichi’s existence.

“Do you have an idea of what you’ve done? I’m dead Annie, dead!”

According to the teasers, Chichi, who is referred to as a blast from the past, will likely resurface on Friday. The Chronicle