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Stunner speaks out…’I don’t look for controversy’

Flamboyant rapper and ladies man, Desmond ‘Stunner’ Chideme, says he doesn’t create controversy to remain relevant.


In fact, the 36-year-old believes controversy trails him like a shadow owing to his musical exploits and status.

The Gen Norah bred rapper opened up on the sidelines of his show alongside chanter Tocky Vibes held at the exquisite Private Lounge ( Bulawayo ) last weekend, thanks to Devine Assignments.


In a wide ranging interview in the City of Kings where he got a warm reception, the rapper scoffed at reports that he stage manages controversy to make headlines.

“I don’t go around looking for controversy; it (controversy) follows me.

“I don’t instigate it; controversy follows me,” said the rapper who recently made headlines after his fallout with former wife, Olinda Chapel.

Stunner was also accused of cheating on Olinda with new girlfriend Dionne who is believed to have leaked some of their romantic pictures.

In recent years, he also grabbed headlines following the leaking of his sex tape with former lover Pokello Nare.

However, Stunner still insists he is no controversial figure.


Stunner, who was raised by a single parent, said his ‘caring’ mother – Elizabeth Chideme-  was very supportive each time he grabs headlines for ‘all but the wrong reasons’.

“She understands my job; she is the strongest woman I’ve met in life. Raising four boys alone wasn’t easy for her since each boy has his own character.”

The rapper also revealed that his mother was aware of his love life as well as social standing.


Despite his marital woes, which saw him on the spotlight for the greater part of the year, the rapper said he got strength from musical fans.

Such was support he received in Gweru and Bulawayo last weekend where he held a series of sold out gigs. Although he had not performed in Bulawayo in a while, he still felt chuffed by the love fans showed him.

He is also planning to hold another bash at Private Lounge (Bulawayo) for his fiancee’s birthday in a few weeks time, according to his camp.


As the singer continues to cement his romance with fans, he has created an alliance with versatile chanter, Tocky Vibes.

Stunner spoke glowing about the Tocky Vibes saying he relates well with his music.

“I like Tocky’s music as we get the best of both worlds; I do relate with his music.

“The advice I can give him is to continue working hard and never stop.”

Similar sentiments were echoed by Tocky Vibes who hailed Stunner for his professional approach.

“We all record at Mt Zion Studios and we have the same producer that we work with.

“We have been holding a series of shows in Chinhoyi, Chivhu, Gweru and Bulawayo,” he said.

Added Tocky:

“We used to watch him coming to perform at school when we were still young and I can’t believe I am now sharing the stage with him.

“We have to be back here for more shows; the venues, hospitality and services are world class.”

Love or loathe Stunner, the rapper is not only a ladies’ man but talented performer who has been in the game for a while. H-Metro