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Olinda Chapel apologises to Tytan after a series of stunning allegations

After a few weeks during which she levelled several allegations against him, Olinda Chapel has apologised to Tytan Nkomo, saying her actions were only a result of the bottled up hurt she harboured from the pain she had endured during the course of their relationship.

Since she announced that her marriage to Tytan was coming to an end in July, Olinda has seemingly been on the warpath, accusing her husband of witchcraft and infidelity among other things.

At the same time, Olinda has also seemingly rekindled her relationship with Stunner and has on several occasions used their romance to speak about Tytan unfavourably.

Despite criticism by some social media users, Olinda has recently taken her flirtatious relationship with Stunner to the next level, inviting him as a performer at her 40th birthday celebrations while frolicking with him in public.

In an Instagram post on Sunday, Olinda apologised for her transgressions, while also highlighting the fact she had decided to apologise because she did not want to be responsible for any pain or embarrassment he might be enduring.

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“Ty, I would like to express my deepest apologies for my recent actions and the pain I have caused you. It is important for me to address the underlying reasons behind my behavior as I believe it will help us to better understand each other.

“The reasons why I am apologising publicly, is because the hurt and pain was public. I understand how that feels because I never received a public apology from you about the pain you caused me publicly.

“Truth be told I know for a fact you will never apologise. I guess that’s what makes us different. I never want to be responsible for someone’s hurt, pain or tears,” she wrote.

Olinda said she had lashed out at Tytan recently because of bottled up feelings of resentment she had accumulated over the course of their relationship.

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“Before I go any further, I want to emphasize that my intention is not to shift blame or make excuses for my actions.

“I take full responsibility for the hurtful things I said did and the impact it had on our relationship. However, I also want to provide some context in the hopes that it will shed light on my state of mind during that time.

“Over the course of our relationship, there have been incidents where I felt hurt by certain words, actions, or lack of actions on your part.

“These accumulated feelings of hurt, whether consciously or subconsciously, influenced my behavior. Instead of addressing these concerns in a healthy and open manner, I allowed them to build up until they manifested in my recent actions,” she said.

The controversial socialite said while she had been hurt by his actions over time, this did not justify her reaction towards him.

“Please understand that my actions were not a justified response to the hurt I felt, nor were they an appropriate way to communicate my feelings.

“I now recognize that I could have chosen a more constructive and compassionate approach to expressing my pain. Reacting in such a way only added fuel to the fire and caused further strife in our relationship,” she wrote.