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‘Stunner never tried to kill me’… Olinda defends relationship with ex-hubby, accuses Tytan of using muti

In the latest twist to their dramatic love triangle, socialite Olinda Chapel has praised her ex-husband, Desmond ‘Stunner’ Chideme, as an upstanding man whose only blemish was promiscuity, while seemingly accusing her current partner, Tytan Nkomo, and his relatives of using muti on her.

Despite the fact that Olinda was recently married to Tytan, while Stunner is an a relationship with Mazakeen Jade, the two have been openly flirtatious for years, exchanging public messages on special days like birthdays.

Rumours making the rounds on social media have suggested that Olinda is keen to get back with Stunner, with whom he had a controversial and abusive relationship before their messy divorce in 2017.

The chatter about the two possibly getting back together reached a crescendo over the weekend, as Olinda celebrating her 40th birthday, with Stunner making the bill as one the performers on the night.

The rapper went on to serenade his ex-wife with heartfelt performances, while he also gifted her a bouquet of red roses.

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Olinda Chapel and Tytan Nkomo at her 40th birthday party
Olinda Chapel and Tytan Nkomo at her 40th birthday party

To make the scene even more bizarre, Tytan was also in attendance at the same party, strengthening the views of those that believe that Olinda has been openly disrespectful of him and their union.

In the last few years, questions have been asked on social media about the level of respect that Olinda has for Tytan, who she wedded in 2018 after her much publicized break up from Stunner.

Over the weekend, Stunner returned the favour with a message that set tongues wagging.

“Happy birthday to the incredible woman who fills my world with love, laughter, and beautiful memories. Today, I want to take a moment to celebrate you and the amazing person you are.

“Though our paths may have diverged, I am forever grateful for the time we shared and the lessons we learned together. May this day be filled with joy, surrounded by loved ones who cherish you just as much as I do.

“Wishing you endless happiness, success, and fulfillment in all that you do. Cheers to another year of growth and beautiful moments!,” he wrote.

In July, Olinda revealed that her union to Tytan was coming to an end, although she did not divulge the reasons for their divorce. Before that, some observers had expressed concern at her online association with Stunner, who she continued to give the best wishes on social media.

In what seemed like a question and answer session that found itself on social media, Olinda made it clear that she harboured no resentment towards Stunner, despite his promiscuity during their relationship.

“If you look at it, Dziva had a girlfriend but he never used muti or tried to kill me or something stupid like that. His relatives didn’t come into my home and do their rituals there. His family loved me and even today still loves me,” she said.

Olinda also claimed that she had found out about the muti earlier this year but had kept quiet about it all this time.

“People should not look at the way that I am behaving and assume that I am mad. As it is, I found this muti in February and now it is August, did you know about all this time?

“I was laughing in people’s faces but inside I was crying and thinking why do these people hate me? I do this and that for them but they still hate me,” she said.