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‘Tytanic Drama’: Olinda and Stunner splash romance on social media

Rapper Stunner and socialite Olinda Chapel added fuel to rumours that they reignited their romance, with a series of posts on social media that showed the two seemingly having the time of their lives.

Eyebrows have been raised over the last few months, as Olinda and Stunner shared a number of seemingly romantic interactions on social media, despite the fact that the two had a controversial and abusive relationship that ended with a messy divorce in 2017.

The flirtatious relationship between the two reached a new level during Olinda’s celebrated 40th birthday celebration, with Stunner making the bill as one the performers on the night.

The rapper went on to serenade his ex-wife with a specially dedicated performance, while also gifting her a bouquet of red roses.

Olinda Chapel and Tytan Nkomo at her 40th birthday party
Olinda Chapel and Tytan Nkomo at her 40th birthday party
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Despite criticism from some who feel that Olinda is disrespecting her most recent husband, Tytan, the two seem to be taking things a notch higher, posting a number of pictures and videos together.

In one video, the two are seen dancing, with a smitten Olinda gyrating on her ex-beau. Olinda also posted a picture of the two which she just captioned “Photogenic”, kickstarting a snowball of speculation on social media.

Meanwhile, as some wondered what this meant for her union with Tytan, Olinda sensationally claimed during an Instagram Live session that her long held suspicions about the sexual orientation of her husband were confirmed when she claims she found compromising evidence of what she thought was a male lover.

Olinda claimed that Tytan had introduced the man as her cousin.

“I entered Tytan’s Instagram and it’s still a question that I ask myself to this day whether it’s true. I asked Baba Nandi, I came across a message from a guy who he was calling his cousin, saying it was nice meeting you, I hope you had a good time.

“This is a question that I have had in my mind for many years and if he wants to reply to me today, he should do it because I am tired of being made out to be a bad person,” she said.

In July, Olinda revealed that her marriage to Tytan was coming to an end, although she did not divulge the reasons for their divorce.

Never one to hesitate to air dirty laundry in public when things go sour in a relationship, Olinda also claimed that Tytan had tried to “killer her” through the use of muti, which she found in their matrimonial home.