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Willard Katsande’s sister denies claims he is neglecting his children

Without doubt, something is amiss and it appears there is family ‘politics’, with jealousy and tarnishing of one’s image at play or a can of worms was opened.

There is a new twist to former Warriors skipper Willard Katsande’s story published by the Manica Post newspaper over the weekend where he is accused of neglecting his five children as well as his two sisters.

The reports claimed that Salt and Vinegar as Katsande is nicknamed has abandoned the five children he sired with his first wife Memory Dorerwe.

The story claimed he is not supporting his kids, and Dorerwe confirmed it in the story.

Katsande has also reportedly cut ties with his two sisters and is said to have last communicated with them in 2018 at the burial of their mother.

One of the sisters quoted by the Post but preferred not to named fearing she will appear jealous also confirmed.

However, there is a new twist to the story after one of Katsande’s sisters called Chiwoniso rubbished earlier reports indicating that it’s a fallacy as his brother is a responsible man.

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Chiwoniso who spoke glowingly about his brother, Willard, was quoted by the Manica Post’s sister newspaper, H-Metro.

“Willard loves his children. He is a father figure in our family, we all look up to him because he is the person who helped us to become who we are today,” Chiwoniso told the publication.

“I’m talking about someone who made sure we all boarded a plane. He always makes sure that we don’t travel by bus.

“When one is doing well in life, jealous people will always find a way to disturb progress, his children are all studying at better schools in South Africa.”

She added: “This is just personal, there is a motive because how come none of his kids have been returned home for school fees?

“And, to make matters worse, they have not been publicly complaining about being ill-treated,” Chiwoniso added

It looks like Katsande’s sisters are not speaking the same language, and the truth of the matter remains unknown.

It seems it will require Katsande himself to clear the air.