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Safeguard personnel undergo international security training

Safeguard Security personnel are undergoing a comprehensive online training programme conducted by a United Kingdom-based international security training company to enhance their awareness of modern security risks and solutions.

The company’s chief executive, Mr Andrew Mallon, said Safeguard, which this year marks its 50th anniversary, places great emphasis on training and keeping abreast of the latest security developments worldwide.

The course covers different aspects of security, including identifying a client’s security risks and the available solutions for them. It is designed to introduce essential elements of security to those whose core role is not that of the typical security manager.

Safeguard Security Company in Zimbabwe
Safeguard Security Company in Zimbabwe

Mr Mallon explained that the training is designed to be at an individual’s pace but those undertaking the training meet online at least every fortnight for group discussions of the previous three modules, under the guidance of an external facilitator.

“We currently have 20 members of staff, mostly in senior positions, who have completed and passed the course. Another 20 should have completed the course by the end of this month. There are 12 core modules, which include security risk measurement and management, security surveying and perimeter security.

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“Other modules deal with the physical security of buildings, access management, security lighting, video surveillance systems, procuring and managing security contracts, cyber security, protection against explosive devices, workplace investigations and crisis management and business continuity,” Mr Mallon said.

“With the changing pace of crime and the increase in the number of serious incidents, it is important to remain current with best practice internationally,” he added.

Safeguard Security Company in Zimbabwe, Cash in Transit Service
Safeguard Security Company in Zimbabwe, Cash in Transit Service

He said all the modules are important and complement each other.

“The courses enhance our effort to provide practical and effective security solutions,” he said,

With 50 years of experience, Safeguard has always insisted on continuous training and keeping abreast of the latest security developments internationally.

“We are committed to ensuring that our staff are well skilled and stay up to date with new security products and services that are continuously being upgraded and adapted to new security threats,” Mr Mallon said.