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Zanu PF youths pelted for hijacking Chillspot Records music show

An attempt by Zanu PF youths to hijack a music show at the Harare Gardens over the weekend celebrating the 10th anniversary of Chillspot Records backfired after the youthful crowd jeered and pelted the Zanu PF members.

According to reports Zanu PF Harare youth chairperson Emmanuel Mahachi and his entourage tried to introduce themselves on stage and were jeered by the crowd that told them “that’s not what we are here for.”

Mahachi was not fazed and instead thought he could sway the youths by offering money to Chillspot director Arnold Kamudyariwa, popularly known as DJ Fantan.

“How much should I give as a present to Chillspot?” he asked before taking out his wallet and handing over US$100 notes one after another to DJ Fantan.

According to a report by NewsDay “the crowd pelted the stage, forcing the Zanu PF youths to scurry for cover.”

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“It’s alright, let’s not damage the stage. We still want to party and see other artistes,” Fantan shouted as he apologised and calmed fans.