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DJ Fantan marries “small house” after dumping mother of his kids

Zimdancehall music producer and Chillspot Records co-owner DJ Fantan, real name Arnold Kamudyariwa, has allegedly abandoned his wife Gamuchirai Nemukuyu and married his “Small House” Vimbai Muponda.

For the past few months Kamudyariwa and Gamuchirai have been trending on social media following their marriage disagreements.

The newly excited bride Vimbai has been posting pictures on social media of their traditional wedding ceremony while Gamuchirai is accusing Fantan of abandoning her in order to live a luxurious life with his new lover.

“To the press (H Metro) please I beg you to balance your stories because these stories you write affect my innocent children.

“I have never subjected my wife to any form of abuse but i have been on the receiving end,” Fantan claimed.

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Vimbai Muponda [Picture: Facebook]
Vimbai Muponda [Picture: Facebook]
Fantan claimed that he has been experiencing abuse ever since he was dragged to the courts and he has been affected emotionally. He also blamed his ex wife claiming she was using H Metro to blackmail him.

“l am a victim of abuse because ever since I was dragged to the courts I have suffered damage emotionally and on my personality. Ex wife yangu arikushandisa H Metro to blackmail me and all I just wish for is we separate peacefully,” he said.

Vimbai Muponda [Picture: Facebook]
Vimbai Muponda [Picture: Facebook]
The Chill Spot Records director said that despite their divorce with Gamuchirai, he is still catering for his family needs although Gamuchirai allegedly keeps on blackmailing him.

“Greetings to you all. It is with great sadness that I make this statement. I’m sure by now everyone has heard zvanga zvichinyorwa against me mubepa nhau. I have truly been dragged through the mud asi handidi kutaura zvakaipa pamusoro pa amai ve vana vangu,” said Kamudyariwa.

Vimbai Muponda [Picture: Facebook]
Vimbai Muponda [Picture: Facebook]
Kamudyariwa hopes that he will settle his disputes with his ex wife without the interference of the press and also have access to visit his children.