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I was insensitive: Madam Boss

By Winstone Antonio | NewsDay |

Local comedienne and actress Tarisai Tyra “Madam Boss” Chikocho was at the weekend (Saturday) forced to eat her words after making controversial claims about child marriages.

Madam Boss
Madam Boss

The controversy was triggered by the recent death of 14-year-old Memory Machaya who died while giving birth at a church shrine last month amid reports she had been denied medical help.

Machaya was forced out of school while in Form One to be married off to an elderly Evans Momberume.

Her death was said to had been initially concealed from the authorities.

“Fambai mega kuyenda kwa Marange ikoko. Mozotiudza kuti zvaita seyi. Tinozongo poster tichiti ah job well done. Handiti. (Travel to Marange and then tell us what have transpired then we will post congratulating you for a job well done),” Madam Boss said in a Facebook video.

Her remarks did not go well with many and she was condemned from all angles. She apologised, but her apology was met with mixed feelings.

In her apology, Madam Boss said, her live video was taken out of context.

“I chose not keep quiet on this occasion because the Marange shrine issue is one that has touched my heart.

“I am here today apologising to each and everyone that was offended by that video. Once again I am sorry to all my fans and all the corporates that I represent,” she said.

“I have been accused of many things and called different names but I have never cared because I know myself, I am a mother and also a woman and my heart bleeds each time I see a woman or a girl child suffer.”

Madam Boss said she was a peace-loving person who stuck to what she knew best, entertaining her fans even those that mock her.

“I am personally against child marriages and strongly hope the culprits at the Marange shrine will be brought to book,” she said.

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People, however, did not take lightly Madam Boss’s apology.

“If you want to apologise, just apologise without playing the victim card hey.

“This issue has nothing to do with past accusations or mockery or names you were called. It is about your opinion about standing against child marriages,” Flynn Gweera said.

“Sometimes it is ok to admit that you are wrong and don’t justify Madam Boss.

“It’s ok to just say I was wrong and end there.

“It is also ok to keep quiet on issues that you are not passionate about,” Rue Mkandawire said.

Nomathemba Primrose Ndebele said: “It is well, you are human after all like everyone else, mistakes are made by all of us, but the important thing is to learn from them, press on woman.”

“It is okay to say I am sorry, I was insensitive and out of line full stop. Your out of context line is an excuse for your actions which nullifies the apology and remorsefulness.” Mei Grey said.

Privilege Kahuni said: “Apology not accepted. Stop defending yourself, you were wrong and you are still wrong.”

“Anything said before the word, is just typical nonsense.

“You showed us your own behaviour, where there is money involved you take part body and soul,” said Shylet Paul.

“That is the real you that you showed us and this kind of behaviour will strip you of all the medals that you got, if you have any.”

“You are a mother to a girl child, no woman should act that nonchalant about such a cause.

“Thanks for taking back your words.

“People forget you are human too,” Rutendo Victoria Ndoro said.

“Take full responsibility of your words, your words were insensitive. Admit where you erred don’t play victim period,” Mai Tana NaAiden said.

“This half apology is not helping. What you said was insensitive and incredibly tone-deaf.

“It’s sad for a woman and a mum of a young girl to trivialise and be so dismissive on such an issue,” Carol Nzo.