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Stunner calls Mudiwa to battle after being questioned on Hip Hop Artist of the Decade award

By Keith Mlauzi | Nehanda Showbiz |

Braggadocios gospel rapper and businessman Mudiwa Hood is at it again, provoking his frenemy, rapper Desmond ‘Stunner’ Chideme by questioning how he was honoured as Zim Hip Hop artist of the decade, when in actual fact he has less awards than him.

Its War: Mudiwa vs Stunner
Its War: Mudiwa vs Stunner

Mudiwa started off by provoking Stunner on twitter saying, “Stunner Ne Liverpool same same… Ndatopedza soo,” this comes after Mudiwa’s team Manchester United defeated Liverpool in the FA cup last night.

The ‘Ndaita Mari’ hit maker could not let Stunner trample on his ego after he ignored his tweet. Mudiwa went on to question how on earth Stunner got the artiste of the decade award at the Zim Hip Hop awards hosted in December.

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In his post on Instagram and Facebook posts, Mudiwa said, “Congrats Stunner for winning ZimHipHop artist of the decade award but @ZimHipHopAwards how did this Stunner guy get artist of the decade when I have the most Hip Hop awards in the same decade from your board?

“Is it because I turned down hosting your 2020 awards? Holy Ten deserved 2020 Male Artist of the Year, how he lost it still puzzles me… Nyangwe dai aihiwina 20 awards it was his year let it be… Throw back when Artiste of the Decade lost all awards to Mudiwa.”

Stunner could not let this pass as he responded directly to Mudiwa.

“You got best gospel (I don’t sing that) you got best dressed (I was late to the awards show) but what I know is the bottom one was for best male and I got it. Usabhaize Vanhu!!!!

Stunner then recorded a 10 second video of the award gloating, “Uda ndipiwe Best gospel ndoiamba Gospel here inini, In 2017 ya urikuchema nayo shaahh , ichiii chirimumba ma stunner shah,” he laughed.

He captioned the video requesting a battle, that they sing one song together,” Mudiwa shah, are you not tired of this? Let’s do a song, pick one, my studio or yours / your producer or mine. ONE song.”

Mudiwa accepted the challenge.

Mudiwa has on countless occasions claimed that he is the most decorated Zimbabwean musician with 29 awards to his name. He has also announced that he is working on his fourth album this year. Nehanda Radio