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Shingi Munyeza admits to cheating on wife after daughter exposes him

By Keith Mlauzi | Nehanda Radio |

Businessman and Pastor Shingi Munyeza, a member of President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s Advisory Council, has agreed to step down to “introspect” after admitting to cheating allegations leveled against him by his own daughter Nomsa Munyeza on Facebook.

Businessman and Pastor Shingi Munyeza seen here with his wife
Businessman and Pastor Shingi Munyeza seen here with his wife

Munyeza had his dirty laundry displayed to the public after he posted a picture of himself and his wife celebrating their wedding anniversary.

“Happy anniversary to my best friend, confidante, my love and mother of my only daughter. I want to grow old with you, till death separates us. It’s been a great 26 years of growth, learning and joy. God has been great to us, for that I’m truly grateful, I love you always and forever,” read Munyeza’s caption.

As much as the picture seemed sweet for many, it wasn’t appealing for Munyeza’s only daughter who lifted the lid exposing her father of being an ‘evil’ absent father who cheated on his wife.

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In response to her parents’ picture, Nosma commented saying, “Happy anniversary to a wife you cheat on and a daughter you left fatherless. You fake evil…. You rather remove this post because you do not cheat on a wife you love that is called evil.”

The anniversary post has since been deleted from Munyeza’s Facebook post. In response to his daughter’s comment Munyeza posted a statement admitting he had failed and ‘fell morally’.

“Recently I allowed myself into a situation where I fell morally. I failed my wife and family, I failed the church that I am part of. I therefore seek your forgiveness. I’m stepping down to introspect and be restored I covet your prayers and support. God bless you all,” read his statement.

A source who refused to be named told Nehanda Radio that Munyeza’s daughter has been bitter because she also was cheated on by her husband before they separated recently.

“She got married in 2019… she is no longer together with her husband. That explains her reaction kuna baba vake cause she is probably bitter it happened to her too,” said the source. Nehanda Radio