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Shingi Munyeza’s alleged lover leaks chats of him suggesting an abortion

By Keith Mlauzi

Businessman and pastor Shingi Munyeza, a member of President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s Advisory Council (PAC) has found himself trending after his alleged lover leaked their chats where the cleric refused to take care of his unborn child, suggesting the mother should have an abortion.

Shingi Munyeza
Shingi Munyeza

Earlier this year, Munyeza who is not new to controversy had his bedroom affairs exposed on social media by his daughter. The ‘Man of God’ is yet again trending this time around with his alleged lover exposing him for refusing to take responsibility for the child they made together.

After it was revealed that the Pastor was involved in extra marital relationships, it was speculated that his lover was a model and entrepreneur. In the leaked chats he is told she is pregnant.

“I’m not easy to have a child, we agreed no children. Please can we not have this child I plead with you,” read Munyeza’s text.

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The woman then responded saying, ‘I will keep it. You don’t need to be part of this. I won’t mention your name to anyone. Will be my secret till I die. Will only tell my child when he or she is older.”

To which Munyeza responded, “Why would you do this when we had agreed no children… You wanted to redo me through a child. I will not bow to that. Good night and good bye.”

The unidentified woman mentioned that Munyeza blocked her on WhatsApp and they had been having their conversations on Signal which was easier to hide conversations.

“I spoke to him last night. That’s where our argument started. He normally texts me in the morning, during the day and at night. We were fine until I told him about the pregnancy.

“He blocked me on WhatsApp yesterday. We normally use the Signal app because he doesn’t want his wife to see our messages. With Signal app it’s easy to protect or hide your conversations,” she said.

Other screenshots show a romantic conversation between the two as they were planning on having their secret meet up in a hotel and another screenshot of proof of payment of R2000 (US$145).

Last week Munyeza made headlines as he was kicked out of the Zimpapers board as his loyalty to the President has been questioned over his intense criticism of the regime. Nehanda Radio