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Critical Mnangagwa adviser Shingi Munyeza besieged by Zanu PF youths

President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s supporters are reportedly following the Zanu PF leader’s outspoken co-adviser Shingi Munyeza to silence his utterances against the government.

Shingi Munyeza
Shingi Munyeza

On Tuesday, Munyeza was hounded out of an event at the Media Centre in Harare when he was about to speak at the launch of the Zimbabwe Institute of Strategic Thinkers alongside businessman Nigel Chanakira, by Mnangagwa’s supporters, in particular the youths.

Munyeza complained he was being targeted for rebuking Mnangagwa’s regime over incompetence.

“They chased me down a flight of stairs. I’m being targeted for stating that the government has gone rogue and is waging war against citizens. I won’t be silenced.

“I call it an occult system (Mnangagwa regime), and this was an orchestrated move to try and muzzle me. It is an orchestrated move to try and raise fear and to take away my own freedoms and rights. I will not relent, I am not deterred, I remain resolute. This country is being run by a rogue system.

“What people have now realised is what I have been saying all along. There is no respect for freedoms, there is no respect for rights so today was such a day where I was stopped from addressing a gathering that was apolitical. I am very fully aware of it, I am cognisant of it but it is what it is, we have a rogue system,” Munyeza said.

On Sunday, in his latest sermon, Munyeza said Zimbabwe was in a crisis and accused the Zanu PF regime of having gone “rogue and cancerous”.

“We have a crisis. The system has gone rogue and cancerous. They can’t provide, protect or prosper citizens. They are like cancerous cells which will destroy the body,” Munyeza said.

Zimbabwe is currently experiencing massive human rights violations perpetrated by Mnangagwa’s under-fire administration which is battling an economic crisis partly blamed on corruption and mismanagement.

On Wednesday, Zimbabwe’s main opposition MDC Alliance leader Nelson Chamisa castigated Mnangagwa’s government for orchestrating human rights violations to silence dissent.