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Mhlophe denies throwing Moyo under bus

By Sikhumbuzo Moyo

Highlanders chairman Kenneth Mhlophe has scoffed at talk that he threw secretary-general Israel Moyo under the bus and chose Morgan ‘Gazza’ Dube as a running mate in impending executive committee elections next month.

Highlanders chairman Kenneth Mhlophe (Picture via Highlanders Football Club)
Highlanders chairman Kenneth Mhlophe (Picture via Highlanders Football Club)

In fact, Mhlophe said he has no running mate and believes that anyone running for office was doing so out of love for the club and a genuine belief that he will add value.

Mhlophe said what could have led to this speculation is Moyo’s long delay in confirming his re-election bid.

Moyo and Mhlophe were allies at one time, but they seem to have fallen out as evidenced by the former’s suspension together with vice-chairman Modern Ngwenya in 2019.

The two were released from the Bosso leadership structures and suspended from holding leadership positions at the club for a year before they bounced back after winning their appeal.

They had been found guilty of insubordination in July 2019 emanating from a decision by the executive not to renew the contract of chief executive officer Nhlanhla Dube, which had expired on April 30, 2019.

Moyo and Ngwenya bounced back after the Bosso board of trustees overruled the disciplinary committee’s decision.

“Look, for starters I do not have a running mate, secondly Israel never told me he was contesting. I only read about it in the newspapers; he never told me as the sitting chairman. The other candidates, especially (Mgcini) Mafu and Mahii (Bheka Sibanda) came to me and said they want to contest, so it’s just not true that I threw him (Moyo) under the bus, “ said Mhlophe, who faces the challenge of Johnfat Sibanda for top Bosso post.

Moyo recently told Chronicle Sport that his devotion was to Highlanders, not an individual, and believes that whoever Mhlophe has as a running mate this time around is also a Highlanders son. The Chronicle.