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Manhunt for ‘killer’ quarantine escapee

By Andile Tshuma

A Zimbabwean man who is allegedly on the run after killing his landlord in neighbouring South Africa is said to have escaped from a quarantine centre in Beitbridge before killing a neighbour in Bulawayo.

Gogo Joyce Ndlovu shows the spot where the late Nkosilathi Ndlovu died at Luveve suburb in Bulawayo
Gogo Joyce Ndlovu shows the spot where the late Nkosilathi Ndlovu died at Luveve suburb in Bulawayo

Now wanted for two murders, police are also hunting for Mandla Moyo, aka MaFifyty, for allegedly severely assaulting his girlfriend and her relative in South Africa, leaving them for dead.

Moyo allegedly fatally stabbed Nkosilathi Ndlovu (31) of Luveve Suburb in Bulawayo on Saturday at around 7.30PM after Ndlovu caught him stealing a cellphone.

He told residents that he was in the country to kill his girlfriend’s child.

Bulawayo police spokesperson Inspector Abednico Ncube yesterday confirmed that Moyo was on the run. “The accused person only known as MaFifyty with no further particulars known, went to the now deceased’s place of residence to see a tenant at the same address. He went into the now deceased’s room and stole a cellphone and was seen by the deceased coming out carrying the phone,” said Insp Ncube.

Ndlovu bled to death at his doorstep after Moyo stabbed him and fled.

Moyo was heard refusing to return the stolen property, claiming Ndlovu owed him for tackies that he sold to him.

Inspector Ncube called for residents with information on the whereabouts of the suspect to come forward and assist in his apprehension.

Luveve residents and family members expressed shock and outrage at Ndlovu’s gruesome death at his own home.

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Ndlovu’s aunt, Mrs Joyce Ndlovu nee Dhliwayo, who raised him, said he was a kind person who did not deserve to die in a cruel manner.

“Mandla actually escaped from a quarantine centre in Beitbridge recently only to be a nuisance here.

“He is one of the many people who escaped there and we recently heard he fled from South Africa after killing his landlord and heavily assaulting his girlfriend. He has been living in South Africa for years. He used to be our neighbour here before he went down south. Nobody wants to live with him. People are afraid of him,” said Mrs Ndlovu.

Moyo apparently had an argument with Ndlovu earlier after joining him for a meal.

Moyo demanded that Ndlovu cooks another meal for him because he was still hungry.

He asked to use the toilet and the entrance is adjacent to Ndlovu’s bedroom.

“From the reflection on a window Nkosilathi saw him sneak into the bedroom and steal a wallet, cellphone, groceries including cooking oil and body cream which he stuffed into a huge coat he was wearing. An argument broke out when Nkosilathi demanded that he surrender his belongings,” said Mrs Ndlovu.

“I am pained as a mother that the son whom I raised has had such an end to his life. His biological mother, my sister, actually temporarily lost her sanity as she cannot fathom what has since happened. We are at pains as a family but find comfort in the fact that he loved his Lord and as we knew him, he never held grudges with anyone and was always a peaceful person.”

Luveve residents demanded the immediate location and arrest of the fugitive.

Mr Nicholas Nkomo, a neighbour, said: “He boasted at the shops that he had tested positive for Covid-19. He said if he is to die of his sickness, he won’t die alone. He said he has a vendetta and is here to kill Sheilla’s (NaPanashe) child before going back to South Africa. The person is his girlfriend, the one he almost killed. He said nobody can tell him what to do even if he has coronavirus.”

Ms Zorodzayi Munyikwa, a Luveve resident who witnessed the stabbing and watched as Ndlovu breathed his last, said the sight would haunt her for life.

“This is very bad. I cannot unsee this. I wish I could. All the happy memories with this young man whom I took as my own child are now somewhere in the background and all thoughts of him are now dominated by the horror of him lying in a pool of blood gasping and trying to hold on to life.

“It is hard because I cannot think of anything else. Now as I cook, I remember that we used to take turns to switch on the stoves in the house as our power supply is limited.

“Now he is lying in a cold mortuary because somebody decided to bring his life to an end over a phone. Had Nkosi known, he should not have even asked him. But how do you not ask an intruder about what business he has in your bedroom when he asked to use your toilet?” she asked. The Chronicle