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Albert Nyathi lashes out Noble Stylz

By Taonga Nyemba

Dub-poet Albert Nyathi has responded to rapper Noble Stylz’s diss line which he calls him a one hit wonder as a publicity seeking stunt.

Dub-poet Albert Nyathi has responded to rapper Noble Stylz
Dub-poet Albert Nyathi has responded to rapper Noble Stylz

Nyathi said Noble Stylz is just seeking relevance by disrespecting him through his music.

“First thing is I don’t know him; he is seeking for fame, I will let him be and those who follow me know lots of stuff by me.

“He must visit my social media platforms, I doubt he has ever heard about my music let alone anyone’s music.

“To be a good musician is to be a good listener to be a good writer you must be a good reader I think he must buy books and read,” said Nyathi.

The 57-year-old said what matters is quality not quantity and Noble Stylz must learn from him to grow.

“He must know you do not have to release every day or to have a million songs to make it in life, he is still growing up and life will teach him a thing or two.

“Usually what works is quality and not quantity, and here I am not talking about myself but I am talking about life in general.

“One good book is better than 20 bad books, there is a poem written by the late Ndabezinhle Sigogo entitled Emanxiweni which remains my best to date, does he know a famous painting by Pabio Picasso?” he asked

Nyathi warned the rapper over bubble gum music and said he must be humble like Jah Signal and Bulawayo based rapper Cal_vin

“Actually, playing bubble gum music like this will take this boy nowhere.

“Who is interested in singing about Albert Nyathi? He should emulate boys like Jah Signal, Cal-vin weLuveve and others who are making it happen in some way.

“He is beginning by failing right from the onset instead of singing about Albert Nyathi he should focus on real issues affecting his stomach, real issues surrounding him,” said Nyathi. H Metro