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I’m extremely safe: Nyathi

By Bbi Masia

Iconic dub-poet Albert Nyathi says he is staying indoors and he urged people to religiously follow the Covid-19 pandemic lockdown.

Dub-poet Albert Nyathi in his video for the song "My Daughter" by Naxo Films
Dub-poet Albert Nyathi in his video for the song “My Daughter” by Naxo Films

Speaking to H-Metro, Nyathi said it was better to stay at home and save lives of your loved ones.

“I am extremely safe in a modern prison called home with five impatient inmates.

“I spend most of the time at home. I had to do a few recordings at Monolio Studios basically on Covid-19,”he said

As a creative individual who is concerned about people’s health and human life, equality and different persuasions, Nyathi said:

“To the people of Zimbabwe I say, I know the lockdown may sound paining especially as it plays emotional games with our pockets, and ultimately our stomachs, but at this point patience is required.

“There comes a time when we have to choose, to stay at home and be hungry or to physically mingle among ourselves and risk contracting COVID 19 and possibly die or cause the death of some of our family members and close friends.

“At this point, if you notice that your neighbour has no food, especially children and the elderly, come in, be handy.”

Asked how the situation is like in his area, Nyathi said people seem to follow the order although there are others who does not care about their health.

“In my area the majority are observing the lockdown rules. I see people observing the issue of social distancing quite a lot.

“I worry about a few who sometimes forget that the invisible foe is smiling at their failure to adhere to health advice given by health experts,” he said. H-Metro