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Bodyslam changes mind

By Mathew Masinge

Music promoter Simbarashe “Bodyslam” Chakare has rescinded his decision to halt his popular Madirirano event.

Simbarashe Chakare
Simbarashe Chakare

The news comes after the pint-size promoter had registered displeasure after last Sunday’s ugly scenes at Takashinga Cricket grounds, Highfield.

Bodyslam who was among promoters who addressed media yesterday said:

“It took me six months to plan for the event and had invested a lot hoping it would go down successfully.

“However, I am hurting after rogue bouncers stormed the event stealing a ticket book which they used to dupe us of our money.

“I couldn’t allow it and had to counter them by allowing patrons to gain free entry so that the Gideon Sanyangore-led group would not steal from me.

“And still after opening the gate they wanted to attack me for doing that and continued to have patrons pay them for entry,” narrated Bodyslam.

Bodyslam said it only took his wife’s intervention for him to let go of the gates.

“I had hired a professional team but they were overpowered by the criminals who were close to 50.

“I personally know Gideon but couldn’t understand why he was working against me.

“My wife who was heading the cashiers at the gate had to intervene to tell me to open the gates otherwise we would have lost what they had already collected,” he said.

He added;

“I was home by 9pm, hurting and disturbed as to why these criminals were reaping where they didn’t sow.” H-Metro

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