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Bodyslam takes Zim talent to the UK

By Tinashe Sibanda | Nehanda Showbiz |

Simbarashe ‘Bodyslam’ Chakare will be part of his star studded team of Zimbabwean artistes touring the UK this weekend before being part of the Summer Body Slam event slated for September.

Bodyslam takes Zim talent to the UK
Bodyslam takes Zim talent to the UK

Bodyslam Records has in the last few years transformed itself from an artiste recording powerhouse to one of the biggest multi-faceted entertainment ventures in Zimbabwe.

The touring artistes will include Tocky Vibes, Shinsoman, Freeman, Fungisai and Ninja Lipsy amongst others.

Chakare will be promoting their upcoming September Madirirano UK Tour meanwhile he will be with the artistes performing in Birmingham tonight, Luton on Sat 27 and then finish off in Manchester on Sunday 28th August.

“We are off to the UK with the artistes and looking forward to the Summer Body Slam in September too. There is really no stopping as all is in order and everyone is ready,” said Bodyslam to Nehanda Radio.

Dj trouble has promised the UK fans a lot of Bodyslam merchandise and give aways as a way of promoting their upcoming September shows.

He said the assault that had happened to Abra Skimbo by Lady Squanda had worked for his good as he had gained so much support from people across the world and he also got a UK visa to be able to go there too and showcase his gift.

The September Madirirano Uk tour will take place in Luton September 23, Leicester Sept 24 and a family show on September 25 whose venue is to be announce soon. It will be hosted by King Alfred featuring Host MC’s Mc Grego(Zim), DJ RU(UK) and Jah Hanief(UK).

BodySlam Entertainment has become an industry leader in entertainment once again with a recently launched concept themed “MADIRIRANO•SHARING &CARING!” which is an all-inclusive arrangement meant to celebrate UNIFICATION and oneness amongst artistes.

“We bring uptown and downtown, middle class and low class plus upper class to one package with a view to share ideas and uplift each other.”

This new concept has fast taken over Harare and has been a success visioning to go as far as the UK; MADIRIRANO is the new way of fun life in Harare and has an international taste of talent supporting it where music, drinks, artistes, celebrities & Ordinary people come together in one space and celebrate life.

“Bodyslam does things the International way and to me this pure creativity and innovation from Zimbabwe,” said Chakare. Nehanda Radio