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UK police involved as singer Tytan announces split from Olinda

The turbulent world that is celebrity couple, singer Tytan Skhokho and socialite Olinda Chapel, has come to a crashing halt after Tytan announced the two had separated over ‘domestic abuse’.

Olinda Chapel and Tytan Skhokho
Olinda Chapel and Tytan Skhokho

“Our relationship has sadly ended due to a catalogue of events that took place in July 2019. I will be able to talk fully… after the completion of police investigations and various legal proceedings,” Tytan said in the statement released on Tuesday.

Tytan married Olinda last year in March but the marriage has faced rocky moments with Olinda claiming the singer was a serial bed-hopper and had slept with her best friend. Bizarrely Olinda then suggested she and Tytan were now in an open relationship after his alleged infidelity.

“From today, Tytan and Olinda are in an open relationship. He’s allowed to go out and chase skirts wherever. I’m giving him a hall pass and don’t want you people to be surprised if you happen to bump into him with other women – he has a pass,” said Olinda.

She expressed an unwillingness to find a new partner, arguing: “I can’t be jumping around from relationship to relationship.” Several reports suggest Olinda has since taken all the clothes and jewellery she bought for her husband whom she helped relocate to the UK after their marriage.

Tytan Nkomo and Olinda Chapel
Tytan Nkomo and Olinda Chapel

In a statement sent to Nehanda Radio, Tytan says; “I will be able to talk fully about the full details of the reason why our relationship has ended after the completion of police investigations and various legal proceedings. I am receiving support from a strong legal team and domestic abuse services.

“I would kindly ask that my family, friends and the public bear with me as I go through a very challenging and trying season in my life. Please keep Olinda, myself and Nandi in your prayers.”

A few hours later Olinda hit back with an Instagram LIVE video telling Tytan not to talk about ‘praying for them” because he did not care about her and the child. She also accused Tytan of lying about domestic abuse because “you want to tick the boxes just to retain your visa.”

Olinda said the ‘domestic violence’ Tytan is referring is the one time they grappled over a computer. She expressed regret having a baby (Nandi) with Tytan saying the baby was only three months old and already going through the drama manufactured by her father. Nehanda Radio