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‘She is my elder’ – Mazakeen Jade responds to ‘mother’ Olinda Chapel

Stunner’s girlfriend, Mazakeen Jade has hit back at the rapper’s ex-wife, Olinda Chapel, saying that she will not be involved in a battle for his affections with a person that is old enough to be her mother.

Speculation is rife on social media suggesting that Olinda is keen to get back with Stunner. The pair had a controversial and abusive relationship before their messy divorce in 2017.

In 2018, it appeared that the business woman had found new love, as she wed another musician, Tytan, during a ceremony held in the heart of Harare.

A year later however, things seemed to fall apart, as the couple separated, only to be reunited a year later, culminating in a grand renewal of their vows in the Fairview Hotel, Windsor, UK, in July 2022.

However, Olinda in July revealed that her union to Tytan was coming to an end, although she did not divulge the reasons for their divorce.

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Before that, some observers had expressed concern at her online association with Stunner, who she continued to wish happy birthday on social media.

Olinda is now being accused of using Mazakeen’s past to engineer her break-up from the rapper.

When pictures of Mazakeen kissing an unknown man started doing the rounds recently, Olinda was ‘circumstantially’ accused of being behind the circulation, something she has strenuously has denied.

Zimbabwean rapper Stunner seen here with his girlfriend Mazakeen Jade
Zimbabwean rapper Stunner seen here with his girlfriend Mazakeen Jade

Taking to Instagram to address some of the rumours, Mazakeen said she would not be confronting Olinda as she regarded her as an elder.

“First of all, I say good luck to whatever she is trying,” she said to one follower that suggested that Olinda wanted to steal Stunner from her arms. “I wish her all the best. All the best, it’s not like, how can I say, he (Stunner) is God,” she said.

“There’s no way I am to be going back and forth with someone who could have been my mother. She’s my elder. I don’t argue with people.”

Responding to another user that asked whether she regarded Stunner as an “uncle” since he was agemates with Olinda, Mazakeen said she loves her men older.

“Yes, me I like uncles. I like my man a little bit older.”

She continued: “I don’t know why people say I’m sad or something. It’s not like I don’t see things that are being posted and stuff. But what must I say? I am also living my life.”

Responding to another user who asked if she would fight Olinda if she met her in public, Mazakeen said the outspoken socialite was not worth her energy.

“For what? No, she not worth my energy. I don’t know her. Why would I fight someone that I don’t know. It’s her life,” she said.