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I’m not sexist: Jah Prayzah

By Taonga Nyemba

Musician Jah Prayzah believes there is nothing controversial about his morale-boosting song Nhabvu, which he sang for the Warriors.

Jah Prayzah
Jah Prayzah

The award-winning musician said his were just “football supporter” lyrics meant to give confidence to the Warriors and not to offend anyone, especially women.

“Firstly, I think you cannot have everyone loving every song regardless of the message, the song was sexualised by some people but they were lyrics to give support to the Warriors.

“Lyrics of the track Nhabvu were derived from most popular songs which have been sung in high schools for years kubhora and people would actually dance and rally behind their teams.

“Even some of my hit songs have received a lot of criticism so people will always criticise,” said Jah Prayzah.

The Military Touch Movement leader said people must take to note of other songs he has sung empowering women.

“I have Chengetedza, Seke Mutema and a lot of other songs I have done which empowers women so at times people must not be looking into negatives, let’s just support our Warriors,” he said.

This follows after knives went out on his lyrics for his single Nhabvu were being criticised by most women saying they felt objectified through the lyrics. H-Metro