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Winky D exposes KVG’s talent

By Tonderai Zvimba

Star FM radio host KVG (real name Kudzai Violet Gwara) says she would like to take up music as a hobby after a clip of her singing with Winky D at the Bulawayo City Hall car park this past Saturday went viral.

KVG and Winky D on stage
KVG and Winky D on stage

The radio host, who was in Bulawayo for the Ecocash Ziyawa Draw, impressed a lot of people when she sang Gemma Griffith’s lyrics on Winky D’s MuGarden song well.

It was as if Gemma was in Bulawayo as KVG was flawless.

Speaking on the impromptu performance, KVG said: “I’ve always loved singing. Before I started my broadcasting career, I once went for a musical show audition and unfortunately, I didn’t make it.

“After that, I then auditioned for radio and made it, but music was always something I was open to, but just never got a chance to pursue.”

Following the positive response she received in Bulawayo and from fans who watched the clip online, KVG said she was seriously considering taking up music as a hobby.

“I love radio so much but I’m now considering doing music as a hobby. Not as a full time career though.”

She said she was grateful to Winky D for entrusting her to sing Gemma’s part.

“I’m grateful to Winky D for giving me the opportunity to sing Gemma’s part alongside him. It was such an honour.

“He knows how crazy I was about the song when it came out as I’d always sing Gemma’s part. When he was looking for someone to sing Gemma’s part, I was at the front and I raised my hand. He saw me and I think he just said to himself ‘let me just give this girl a chance’.”

Besides her radio career, KVG, who presents the 3 to 6 Express drive time show with Phathisani Sibanda, said she is working on philanthropy projects which are in the pipeline. The Chronicle