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Cellphone ignites fire as pair siphons fuel from car

By Courtney Matende

Two Gweru man sustained severe burns all over their bodies while vehicles worth US$9 000 were destroyed by a fire which started after one of them answered his cellphone while they were siphoning petrol from a vehicle at a garage in Mberengwa.

Midlands provincial police spokesperson, Inspector Joel Goko confirmed the incident which occurred at Chiware Garage at Mataga Growth Point in Mberengwa last Wednesday.

He said Roderick Matsveru and Beaven Dziva allegedly requested to use a pit at the garage so that they could easily drain petrol from their vehicle.

Insp Goko said the pair allegedly went down the pit and while draining petrol into a plastic bucket, Dziva who was using his cellphone as a source of light, received a call which caused the fire.

“I can confirm that we are investigating a matter in which two men were allegedly burnt while vehicles worth US$9000 were destroyed in a fire which started after Dziva answered a call on his mobile phone which he was using as light as they drained fuel from their vehicle. Suddenly the whole pit was covered in flames,” said Insp Goko.

He said Dziva allegedly went out of the pit, entered their vehicle before starting it in an attempt to drive it away.

“His vehicle caught fire which spread to other vehicles that were left in the custody of the garage owner.

“Matsveru and Dziva sustained severe burns all over their bodies and they were taken to Msume District Hospital for treatment where they are admitted. The matter was reported to the police in Mataga and the matter is still under investigation,” said Insp Goko.

Meanwhile, Insp Goko said police in the Midlands Province are carrying out an awareness campaign on the unsafe storage of fuel in homes and public places. The Herald