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Masomere targets top eight

By Alexander Chirume

Manica Diamonds coach Luke Masomere says his side is motivated going into the 2019 season, which kicks off on March 30.

Luke Masomere
Luke Masomere

The Gem Boys mastered a rare achievement on their way to promotion by avoiding defeat in the whole Division One campaign.

Doctor of Football, as Masomere is referred to in football circles, said he will not read much into his team’s debut season in the league as they are still a small team by virtue of being untested at the highest level.

“Looking at our situation that we are coming from Division one it will be difficult to think that we can win the title this year but we are motivated to play well and it will be a bonus for us,” said Masomere.

Masomere said a top eight will be good for them.

“Top eight is a very realistic target for any PSL club, it’s not at all a bad target for a start so we are looking forward to achieving that.

“Winning is something we work on and want to get used to but we say we are a big team ourselves, we are a small team as compared to established teams like Triangle or Harare City so we know our place as a new team and will work accordingly,” Masomere said.

With CAPS United the first test the Gem Boys face, Masomere said they take pleasure in meeting a ‘big’ team.

“It’s a blessing in disguise that we start with a big team; CAPS are an established team with a great history therefore a good starting point for us as we begin this journey.

“We can’t call ourselves a big team; we can call ourselves a small team, a small team is motivated to play a big team.

“They have a culture of winning and have been there for a long time, we don’t have all that, we went unbeaten on our way to promotion but this is a different league so we will prepare for them,” he added.

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The Mutare-based side were among the busiest in the transfer window with a number of exciting additions.

Masomere said there will be a show of teamwork in his team.

“The combinations are slowly coming up, slowly, we are still working hard.

“This is a team comprising of new players so we are doing our best.

“Looking at the defence and midfield we almost there but the finishing is not yet good so it is just the goals that are lacking.

“The philosophy of the team is teamwork, we have a lot of talented players but there has to be teamwork and maybe during the course of the season we will be able to see who is the brightest,” said Masomere. H-Metro