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Machete rampage leaves 4 in hospital

By Whinsley Masara

Four men are battling for life at Gweru Provincial Hospital after their friend allegedly went on a rampage and attacked them with a machete after alleging that one of them had broken his friend’s Okapi knife.

Gweru Provincial Hospital
Gweru Provincial Hospital

The suspect, Langton Mpofu (26) of Lindeni village in Fort Rixon fled from the scene after committing the crime.

Doubt Ndlovu (22) of Oaklands Farm was struck twice on the face while his brother, Milton Ndlovu (21) was injured on the head and on the left arm.

The suspect also attacked the pair’s friend, Davison Makhoza (32) as well as Gilbert Ndlovu (53) of Oaklands Stampmill, a villager who had tried to restrain him.

The incident occurred at around 8PM on Monday at Magangawonke Bottle store at Oaklands Farm Compound in Fort Rixon.
Matabeleland South police spokesperson Inspector Philisani Ndebele yesterday said Mpofu’s victims are all in a critical condition in hospital.

“I can confirm that we received a case of attempted murder which occurred on Monday at Magangawonke Bottlestore at Oaklands Farm Compound in Fort Rixon. Police are hunting for the suspect who vanished from the scene soon after committing the crime. He attacked four men with a machete, seriously injuring all of them and they are in serious condition at Gweru Provincial Hospital,” said Insp Ndebele.

“Police recently issued prohibition orders that warned people against walking around armed with dangerous weapons. It is disappointing to note that some people totally ignore such warnings.

“People should learn to resolve disputes amicably without resorting to violence as violence results in unnecessary loss of lives and injuries.”

A patron that preferred anonymity said Mpofu approached Doubt who was drinking with his brother and friend in the bottle store.

“He accused him of breaking an Okapi knife that belonged to his friend, only identified as Rex. A misunderstanding arose between the two and using a machete, he struck Doubt twice.

“He then approached Doubt’s brother, Milton and their friend Davison and attacked them. He also attacked Gilbert, a patron who had tried to intervene to stop the violence,” said the source. The Chronicle