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Boomslang Production meets Drealisee MEG TV

HARARE – This month we saw the merger of Boomslang Production and Drealisee MEG TV. The companies saw an opportunity to expand and took it with both hands in the aim to make one joint powerful unit.

Boomslang Production meets Drealisee MEG TV
Boomslang Production meets Drealisee MEG TV

Kazz AKA Mr Boomslang the founder of Boomslang Production said, “We are truly humbled and honoured to be working with a new up and coming company based in Zimbabwe. The vision we have for Boomslang Production & Drealisee is to be able to offer services to our clients and be able to guarantee precision and quality in all the work that we do.”

“We are happy to be merging with Drealisee as we believe when we work as one unit, we are able to utilise each other’s qualities and provide our customers with outstanding services. I strongly believe in the motto “Together We Stand, Divided We Fall”.

We also took the advantage of speaking to Dennis the CEO of Drealisee MEG TV to get an insight of his thoughts on the merger.

He said, “The initiative taken by Boomslang Production and Drealisee MEG to continuously work close together is a monumental one. Here are two mutually respecting entities identifying each other’s various specialties and acknowledging that synergizing will only result in increasing the standard and shifting the status quo, for the positive, in our beloved Zimbabwe’s entertainment industry. Let the results speak for themselves”.

The companies recently took on their first project working with the upcoming charming, melodious, R&B Artist Jonah a.k.a Jo-e. The project was filmed by both production companies in the aim to work together and really show the world what Zimbabwe has to offer.

We took the opportunity to speak to Jonah and get some feedback on how the video shoot went.

Jonah said, “It was such a great experience working with experienced professionals. The shoot was fun and productive. I’m so excited for you to see the finished product, just seeing the raw footage left the hairs on my neck standing.”

Although there is no set date for the release of the single or video yet, rumour has it, we’ll be expecting noise around April time. Keep your eyes and ears open for Jonah’s new single “Scandal”. Coming soon.

In the meantime we look forward to seeing much more work from Boomslang Production and Drealisee MEG TV in the future and we wish them all the best in their new joint venture.