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Let’s Connect: Bkay & Kazz back together again after 10-year hiatus

After a decade, during which their fans were starved of their music, brothers Seiraj ‘Bkay’ Khan and Farhaan ‘Kazz’ Khan are back in the studio together again, with the duo releasing Afro swing tune, Let’s Connect, to announce their return to the music scene as a duo.

Despite a number of successful albums, including Boomslang, African Spirit and Jigsaw, the BKay & Kazz brand came to a sudden halt when their mother was taken ill and BKay returned to Zimbabwe to help out with the family business and help out with the running of the family business.

Since the last time the duo released music together, Kazz had reinvented himself as a solo act, Mr Boomslang, although he maintained that the winners of the 2007 Live & Unsigned national talent show in the UK had not broken up.

In an interview, Bkay said being back in the studio had taken them down memory lane.

“It’s really good to be making new music again. Being in the studio brought back so many good memories and I’m so glad I get to do it again with my little brother,” he said.

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Kazz said he was chuffed that his brother had agreed to come back to the studio.

“Working with big bro again came so natural, the music just started to flow again. I’m really excited that Bkay agreed to get back in the studio and put out some great music for our die hard fans,” he said.

Born in Blantyre Malawi the duo started off singing at parties and entertaining guests at every opportunity and their love for music grew leading them to opening up their own production house called Prizm Inc. studios where they recorded some of their earliest songs like Ndikati Hello, My Brother My Sister and Come Together.