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Pastors, Preachers and the Churches have taken away the Keys of Heaven from the people of Today

By Awakened Brother

OPINION – First of all, I would like to apologize to you for the ridiculously long title of this article. Believe it or not, I tried as much as I could to shorten the title, but I just couldn’t think of any other way of articulating myself effectively without losing the core message I ought to relay to you. 

Pastors, Preachers and the Churches have taken away the Keys of Heaven from the people of Today
Pastors, Preachers and the Churches have taken away the Keys of Heaven from the people of Today

On a serious note though, I know that I got my work cut out here. This a very controversial topic and subject that few people dare to talk about, but hey somebody has to do it. Its about time for me and you to talk about the ‘elephant in the room ‘.

At this present moment of time the human race has a problem, a very big big problem, and the problem is religion.

Since I grew up as a christian, I can only talk about christianity and hopefully expose the myths, legends, lies and half truths that are constantly bombarded within our lives today. And the main culprits are often the pastors, preachers and their churches.

I am not gonna bore you to death with all the things that you probably already know. However, I shall take the liberty of informing you what your ‘religious teachers’ have never ever told you.

As a matter of fact ,the things they wouldn’t even dare tell you at your regular Sunday Service. The type of teachings that will bring freedom to your psyche. The type of teaching that would free yourself from the shackles of spiritual slavery. The type of teachings that would leave the offering plate empty, very empty.

You see, in the ancient days, knowledge, especially spiritual knowledge was always treated as ‘sacred’, hence there were ‘mystery schools’ all over Egypt, Greece, Rome and Asia.

This type of knowledge is what is popularly known as ‘esoteric’ or in other words hidden knowledge. Contrary to popular belief, there was absolutely nothing evil or demonic about this knowledge and these mystery schools.

The only mysterious thing happening at these schools was that students or ‘neophytes’ as they were popularly known would get the exquisite chance to acquire ‘spiritual enlightenment’ at these centres. The type of knowledge not easily available to the ordinary folks.

The hand picked, specially vetted students who were regarded worthy would often be initiated into these mystery schools to acquire this knowledge of the highest calibre which was kept hidden to the ‘uninitiated ‘ ,that is the majority of the people.

There was very good reason for this though. In order to preserve this knowledge in all forthcoming ages, these secret sacred teachings were to be treated even more valuable than precious gems and stones. The knowledge would also be often passed orally or written in cryptic language through the use of myths, allegories and parables.

Yehoshua, popularly known as Jesus was just one of the very many initiated students we know of today.

How many times have these modern days pastors and preachers preached to us about God, Jesus, Prayers, Prosperity and so forth? Almost always right?

The problem is, almost everything that you have been told so far is not true. Be it by your pastor, your spiritual leader, your church, your books, everything and I mean everything.

All of it is not true. The sad thing about it is that even the preachers themselves are not even aware of this. What chances do the ordinary people have then? Big statement right? But I can back it up with facts.

First of all, lets talk about the Big Man Himself, God. Who is God? What is God? And how can one communicate with God ? How can one serve God? How can one worship God? These are very important questions that everybody ought to have answers on.

Surprisingly as it turns out, God talks to everybody and is reachable by everybody. The good the bad, the beautiful and even the ugly. Whenever one wants to talk to God, God is already there, ready and waiting. Just like the old axiom, ‘when the student is ready, the teacher appears’.

God does not choose who to talk to. God does not favour who to talk to regardless of colour, gender age, and race.

The question is ‘who listens’? ‘who dares to listen’? Who is prepared to take some time out from their little ‘busy lives’ and ‘patiently, diligently, and respectfully‘ listen to God.

We spend most of the time talking to God, but when God answers we are often too busy to listen. And more often than not when God answers back , we really don’t wanna hear the ‘wrong answers’. We always want to hear what our ears are prepared to listen to.

Every human being is a Holy ‘trinity’ of mind, body, and soul. God communicates with your soul through feelings Hidden in your deepest feelings is your highest truth. God also communicates with your mind through the use of images and symbols . God also communicates with you through experience and words.

But we all have to take extra care when it comes to words. Words are just vibrational sounds and written texts that are open to any type of interpretation. This could be the pastor or the preacher’s own interpretation If not held gently, words could be wrongly interpreted and therefore be less effective to one’s psyche. Words makes one understand but experience and feelings makes one fully knowledgable.

The biggest mistake that the majority of people make today is that they put too much emphasis on the ‘word’ of God instead of the ‘feelings’ and ‘experiences‘ of God. This is esoteric teaching at its best my friends. The neophytes of ancient mystery schools would be very familiar with this teaching. That is one of the reasons why the teachings of Jesus did not seem simple to comprehend at first sight. Most of his teachings were taught in allegories and parables with a complete different meaning than that first intended.

At present moment the majority of people put more emphasis on reading the bible instead of paying more attention to their feelings and experiences. The bible is open to all sorts of interpretation by different pastors, preachers, and churches.

How then can ordinary people rightly and justly differentiate between the ‘message’ from God and other sources?

Faced with such predicament, maybe the wisest thing to do is to find the clearest and most reliable message of which one easily finds joy, peace, love and complete satisfaction. This ,one can only find within one’s self.

The most beautiful thing about God’s messages is that they are always there. No matter how much one runs away from them. No matter how much one decide to ignore them. God would just be there patiently and waiting until you finally come home.


The biggest lie that you have been told to so far is that God only speaks to ‘special’ people at ‘special‘ moments. This is outright nonsense. Anyone who teaches you this is a liar and one ought to stay away far from them. God communicates and reveals to each one of us independently. That’s the real truth.

People often do not hear what God is saying to them because they prefer to hear what other people say they have heard on their behalf, which too is complete nonsense. No one can tell you what God wants you to do, even those that have lived in the past through their written texts. Only God can, right now, at that very moment, period.

The question is, are you listening? Are you paying attention to your feelings? Are you paying attention to your thoughts? Are you listening to your body. Even Jesus taught you that the Kingdom Of God Is Within You, didn’t he?



Besides of all the nonsense they tell you, the bible is not an authoritative source of the messages of God. This book was written by other men and women such as yourself. The book was even translated to so many different languages.

The New Testament was written in Greek hundreds of years after the events had already happened. Even the books themselves were voted for inclusion by a Council chaired by Emperor Constantine in AD325.


Listen to yourself, your feeling, your thoughts, your instincts, then chances are, you will be having a conversation with God directly.


The other most important thing you ought to know is that God does not have a recognisable shape or form. How many shapes and forms would God then need to undertake in order to make a revelation to everybody. A lot of people believe God is the idea they have in their minds. In all earnest, God is the Great Unseen.

As hard to comprehend as this might sound, this is the absolute truth. God is the inward revelation rather than the outward revelation. At this moment of time its also equally imperative to state the fact that God’s revelation to you would not necessarily be the same as to me. Anyone who tells you God said this or said that is an outright liar.

If God makes a revelation to you then none of us have any business to do with that revelation. That is just for you to keep.


The next subject that everybody ought to have clarification is the question of ‘prayer’. This is probably the most misunderstood subject of them all. The first thing for all of us to understand is that none of us can have what we want or ask for from God.

This is what the pastors and preachers tell you Sunday after Sunday but this is nonsensical. The very fact that you are asking and begging gives you the idea of lacking. In a way this is belittling you. This is telling that you are not worthy, therefore you have to beg. No one was brought into this world lacking anything.


Everything that you want or need is already here otherwise God would not have brought you here. What kind of God do you think God is?


Instead the preachers and pastors should be teaching you that the only prayer you ought to pray is a prayer of thanking. Just because something has not yet manifested itself in your reality does not mean that thing doesn’t exist.

You ought to thank God in advance for that very thing you desperately need or want. God gave it all to you before you even asked for it. This is the proper definition of faith. The very fact of acknowledgement of the existence is the guaranteed sign of manifestation of that you desire in your existence.


Last but not at all least is the fact that God does not need praising, worshiping and serving. These are just mere oppressive words thrown to you in order to keep you submissive that do not mean anything at all.


What you ought to be taught is that one needs to align their trinity {mind, body and soul} self with God. If God is love then live your life with love for yourself and those around you. If God is compassion then have compassion to yourself and those around you.

If God is forgiveness then forgive yourself and those around you. If God is peace then have peace within yourself and those around you. If God is all of these, then be all of these to yourself and those around you.



The only way to praise, worship, and serve God is to live the reality that you wish this world to be through your eyes.