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My children are party animals: Mugabe

By Blessed Mhlanga

ZIBAGWE – President Robert Mugabe has openly admitted having problems with his children whom he said were party crazy and lacked basic self-survival skills.

The pictures appear to show Chatunga partying with girls and drinking
The pictures appear to show Chatunga partying with girls and drinking

Addressing thousands of Zanu PF supporters who gathered at Chinyika Ranch in Zibagwe-Chirumanzu constituency on Friday to witness the official opening of chrome smelting company Africa Chrome Fields (ACF), Mugabe also revealed that First Lady Grace Mugabe was still unwell following a minor appendicitis operation in December last year.

“Our children especially in the urban areas lack the basic skills of tending to the garden, knitting or any skills related to using their hands. All they want is go to parties and use electronic gadgets to communicate with friends… They have lots of friends on these gadgets. I see this even with my own children at home,” said Mugabe.

Mugabe’s two sons Robert and Chatunga have in the past been featured on international online reports as partying animals, allegedly smoking and drinking alcohol while spending good times with lots of friends of both sexes.

Mugabe’s son a party animal
Mugabe’s son a party animal

The 91-year-old leader blamed such delinquent behaviour on schools, which he said were now more interested in educational excellence and forgetting to infuse psychomotor training for the children.

“They think that educational achievements are all the children have to achieve and forget the core values of our heritage, a tradition which we grew up immersed with. We could farm, our sisters and mothers were taught how to knit and do work that involves their hands; not today’s training. That kind of life which our kids follow today is rotten,” Mugabe said.

In apparent contradiction to the stance taken by his minister of Education, Lazarus Dokora, Mugabe said while the use of mobile phones and other digital devices was welcome, the gadgets were dangerous to the young generation, especially in schools.

Mugabe also warned against the abuse of the internet and social networks by children and youths, saying technology should not be used to insult and ridicule others.

“We should stop going on internet to ridicule and slander others, it appears we are just bent on using technology to spread rumours and lies. That is a bad habit and it should be stopped,” he said.

Mugabe himself has been a victim of social media ridicule with many attacks directed at his family.

Mugabe said the abuse of the internet and the loss of values in children of today needed to be corrected before it went out of hand.

“We need to correct these things,” he said.

Mugabe said his wife Grace was still unwell following her operation in Singapore to remove her infected appendix and would need up to four months before she could recover fully.

“Amai Stop It, vakambonzi stop it nechirwere, she is now recovering but is not yet fully fit. She still needs some time to recover before she can be back to her old self again,” said Mugabe who landed in Zibagwe with four helicopters. Standard