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Is Zimbabwe a nation of docile citizens?

By Tendai Kwari

One of my favourite books, A Hitchhiker’s guide to a Failed State, describes Zimbabwe as ‘…a nation of docile citizens, they are not imbeciles by any stretch of imagination’.

Itai Dzamara being arrested at the Occupy Africa Unity Square demo
Itai Dzamara being arrested at the Occupy Africa Unity Square demo

‘On a fair day, an average Zimbabwean is a mild racist and tribalist who believes in his superiority over other Africans but feels inferior to white people. Since the invasion of Zimbabwe by Cecil Rhodes Zimbabweans developed a collective inferiority complex; that they were victims, powerless and expected others (as Cecil Rhodes had done earlier) to feel sorry for them and therefore to take decisions and actions on their behalf.

As I am re-reading this definition, I am not surprised that, today, Zimbabwe is a nation of arm chair revolutionaries. We may think we are superior over other nations, but Burkina Faso has just shown us that the destiny of a nation lies in the hands of its citizens. Therefore, Burkina Faso is smarter than the nation of ‘docile Zimbabweans’.

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Tribalism and racism is now deeply entrenched in our mind set to such an extent that we cannot rally behind one of our own visionary, pro- active, revolutionary and warrior fighting on the battle front.

Instead of supporting a cause, we first ask of the tribe and totem of the revolutionary. Then we seat by the way side, chat and wait to see his down fall.

As described above, Zimbabweans expect other nations to feel sorry for them and still dreaming that salvation will come from outside. Forget it.

On this note, I would like to ask Zimbabweans to get aboard this noble cause and the struggle we are in – OCCUPY AFRICA UNITY SQUARE.

If you cannot join Itai Dzamara and the OAUS Team on the ground, do something today.

Sign this petition and share it with rest of your contacts. HERE IS THE LINK: http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/occupy-africa-unity-square-community

We are the numbers.

We are the people.

Let’s Go!