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6 years on, regime silent on Dzamara abduction: Sheffra “traumatised”

By Nyashadzashe Ndoro | Nehanda Politics |

Its six years now since Itai Dzamara was abducted by suspected State security agents at a barber shop in Glen View, Harare. His wife Sheffra and brother Blessed continue demanding answers from President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s regime.

Sheffra Dzamara, wife of activist Itai Dzamara, holds a photo of her husband as her then 2 year old daughter looks up, and speaks to the Associated Press in Harare, Tuesday March 8, 2016, on the commemoration of International Women’s Day. Dzamara is pleading for the return of her activist husband Itai Dzamara who was abducted by suspected state security agents (AP Photo)

Today, (9 March 2021) marks exactly six years since Dzamara went missing. In an interview with Al Jazeera, Dzamara’s wife, Sheffra said she had missed her husband.

“I’m still very traumatised; l want to know what happened to my husband. Everyday l think about him.

“I carry a lot of hurt and pain in my heart. I want answers and no one is giving me [any].

“Life was much better when Itai was there,” she said.

Dzamara’s brother, Blessed said: “On the 9th of March 2015 they abducted him and it’s now 6 years, …..as a family we miss you Itai Dzamara Peace Kadiki. Evil deeds don’t last forever. On this day we remember and celebrate you bro as our hero.”

On this day last year Sheffra wrote a letter to President Mnangagwa appealing for his intervention in the matter of her husband.

In the letter, she expressed her pain and that of their two children, Nokutenda and Nenyasha who are growing up without a father.

Itai Dzamara
Itai Dzamara (Picture by Kumbirai Mafunda)

Seemingly, she has been writing letters to the President’s office since the reign of the late former president Robert Mugabe without progressive responses.

“I write to tell you the pain of children growing up without a father, a role model, friend and support pillar for the family.

“I’m writing to appeal to your office to resolve the case of Itai Dzamara. Tell us his fate. I need to know what to tell kids, who are growing up with the hope that their father is coming home.

“Everyday, I have to listen to Nenyasha who was 2 years old when Itai Dzamara disappeared telling me that ‘when my dad comes home, i want to show him what i have drawn in school,” Sheffra said.

MIssing journalist and activist Itai Dzamara being arrested by police for demonstrating against President Robert Mugabe
MIssing journalist and activist Itai Dzamara being arrested by police for demonstrating against President Robert Mugabe

The European Union condemned the Zanu PF administration for exhibiting a “culture of impunity” after six years of failing to account for the whereabouts of Dzamara.

“Six years ago, Itai Dzamara was abducted. Until today, he remains missing. The culture of impunity in Zimbabwe needs to end: Government ought to shed more light on his fate and ensure that justice is served for Itai and all the victims of human rights violations,” the EU said.

Dzamara began his one-man protest movement in 2014 and it was an incredibly dangerous goal given the cat-and-mouse games they would play with the police.

He used to sit in the Africa Unity Square, a tree-filled park in the centre of Harare, holding his sign, “Failed Mugabe must step down.”

He was a journalist and a human rights activist known for whistling lunchtime protests, during the days of Mugabe.

It is believed that Dzamara was made a victim of suppression of dissenting voices during Mugabe’s regime.