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‘Itai Dzamara was thrown into a well of acid by SAS’ – soldier reveals in LEAKED audio

A Zimbabwean soldier who claims he was trained in the Special Air Service (SAS) has shockingly claimed that abducted journalist Itai Dzamara was tortured and killed before his body was thrown into a well of acid at the unit’s feared camp in Harare.

Dzamara, a journalist and political activist was abducted eight years ago by suspected state security agents on March 9, 2015 in Glen View, Harare.

Despite several promises of locating his whereabouts, the government is yet to provide any details relating to the matter.

Now a leaked audio that has gone viral features a man who claims to be soldier explaining how members of the SAS are recruited, trained and execute their job. He emphasised that this unit is the one that abducts, kills and engages in robberies.

He further pointed out that even the President is aware of these SAS operations.

“Itai Dzamara was abducted on 9 March 2015. In November that year, I went to SAS for selection. Dzamara was taken by CIO and Military Intelligence and they handed him over to SAS. He was tortured and persecuted. All these groups were present,” he said.

“What happened is that SAS tortured him intensively to an extent that, by the time they finished, he was beyond redemption. It was no longer possible for them to return him. At this point, all other departments, Military Intelligence and CIO, retreated from the situation because they did not want to kill him.

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“Dzamara was finally killed by the SAS. They initially wanted to throw his body into the Kariba range for lions to eat. But they realised his head was going to be left out. He was thrown in a well of acid situated at the SAS camp.”

The soldier claimed that he disclosed this information to make sure that Dzamara’s family knew that their son was killed.

“It is very important for the Dzamara family to know that their child is dead. He was consumed by acid,” he said.

The soldier also goes into detail about how members of the feared unit are recruited and trained and how they are assigned to carry out various assignments.

He claims street kids are rounded up from the streets of Zimbabwe and used for live drills on how to kill a person and their bodies subsequently dumped in Kariba to be eaten by lions.

Itai Dzamara
Itai Dzamara (Picture by Kumbirai Mafunda)

Dzamara’s wife Sheffra Dorica wrote a letter to President Emmerson Mnangagwa who assumed power through a military coup in November 2017, to ascertain her husband’s whereabouts from the government but her efforts continued to hit a brick wall.

It is believed that, on 9 March 2015, Dzamara, then a fierce critic of then President Robert Mugabe (late) left his home to get a haircut at the neighbourhood barbershop in Glen View, a high-density suburb in Harare.

He reportedly asked his wife to prepare breakfast saying he was coming back after a few minutes.

He never returned.