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Ngwerume spearheads online shopping revolution

ZimSelector.com, an exciting new company formed by Zimbabwean Luke Ngwerume, continues to radically change the way financial products are distributed with the launch of the first true aggregator service on the African Continent.

Luke Ngwerume
Luke Ngwerume

This development is poised to stimulate excitement and activity in a financial sector that has experienced sluggish growth in recent years.

The company has worked with a UK-based software company to allow customers to compare the product benefits and prices from a wide range of Insurers, select their preferred product and buy on-line in a matter of minutes.

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This is set to radically change the way financial products are distributed.

The aggregator service brings together some of Zimbabwe’s most trusted brands in insurance and banking including CBZ, CABS, Fidelity Life, Nicoz Diamond, Old Mutual Group, RM Insurance and the Zimnat Life and Zimnat Lion, with more premium brands to follow.

This will transform the way Zimbabweans purchase their financial products, and for Zimbabweans who are based all over the world, they will now be able to compare and buy products on-line from anywhere, at any time.

“The power of choice is now firmly in the hands of the consumer of financial products and this alongside the unparalleled convenience of buying at anytime from anywhere in the world,” said Ngwerume. Plans for the future include extending the service across Africa. The Zimbabwean