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Macheso wants maintenance slashed

By Charles Laiton

POPULAR sungura musician Alick Macheso has filed an application for downward variation of maintenance to $300 for the upkeep of his two minor children with former wife Tafadzwa Mapako, saying the tough economic environment has affected his music business.

Macheso with one of his kids
Macheso with one of his kids

Macheso is currently paying $750 in maintenance.

In his application through his lawyer Norman Mugiya, Macheso said he was proposing to pay $300 per month because his financial position had deteriorated in tandem with the state of the economy which was affecting the generality of the public.

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“I am not exception to that. The music industry is no longer viable as it used to be in the past to the extent that the band is now having very few musical shows per month than before,” Macheso said.

“The attendance at those musical shows whenever we have them is pathetic for various reasons which include the fact that the people now have limited disposable incomes.”

Macheso said he had been timeously paying the $750 per month since May this year, but of late, his musical business had been greatly affected, especially with the onset of the rainy season.

“However, what has greatly affected me is the fact that musical shows are a frequent failure during the rainy season and last week we had to cancel three shows after rain forbade us,” Macheso said.

“This is so on the basis that these shows are held in the open space because we do not have many closed venues for musical shows. The international musical shows are now difficult to arrange because of the stringent visa requirements for traditional lucrative markets like the United Kingdom and South Africa.”

The sungura maestro said the UK and South Africa were the only internationally rewarding destinations which used to cover up for home shortcomings.

He further said although he had been appointed as an ambassador for some few local institutions, he was “not being paid on a monthly basis or periodically” for the advertisements since he was paid a lump sum when he accepted the offers.

Macheso said he had also gathered information that Tafadzwa was now gainfully employed and earning about $1 200 per month.

Macheso said he had gathered information that Tafadzwa was mocking him for paying such an amount.

“The respondent (Mapako) also sent a text message to her friend in the UK who then passed it to my wife saying that she will keep getting maintenance for 18 years and will make sure that she clothes herself and make a good living out of it especially with it coming from ‘stupid people’.”

The matter is set to be heard on November 17 at the Harare Civil Court. NewsDay