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Women lose panties to 15-year-old boy

In a case of suspected juju, a teenage boy from Sanyati went on a spree, stealing and stashing hundreds of female villager’s panties.

Women lose panties to 15-year-old boy
Women lose panties to 15-year-old boy

The accused, who is believed to be 15 years old (name withheld) of Chiyangwa Village, Makwechere in Sanyathi, is said to have been stealing and hiding the panties in his room and an anthill.

Sources from the village revealed that women from the whole village have been strangely losing their panties until he was busted on Tuesday.

The boy would allegedly sneak into women’s bedrooms and take panties and petticoats and his use for them remains a mystery in the whole of Sanyati.

The kraal head Chiyangwa confirmed the incident.

“It came as a mystery to everyone in the village. He would go around picking ladies underwear and at times breaking into their homes stealing,” said the kraal head.

Villagers believe juju could be at play and that the teenager could just be a smokescreen after the pants that were stashed in an anthill were found with some potions.

“Taona kuti mwana uyu haasi oga muchiitiko ichi. Mamwe mabhurugwa anga aine mushonga pakati,” he said.

The teenager’s reign came to a halt on Tuesday after he was reportedly caught wearing his sister-in-law’s panties.

Reports are that he led the village to his home were an assortment of female panties was found including petticoats. Some of the panties were also found in an anthill.

“He was caught yesterday wearing his sister-in-law’s panty that is how the mystery was solved.

“People went to their place of residence and several panties were found. Some of the panties were stashed in an anthill,” he said.

The teenager has reportedly been surrendered into the hands of the police.

“We have reported the matter to the police and they are the ones carrying out the investigations. As the village, we will refer the matter to the chief so that it will be heard,” he said.

The boy lives with his mother, who could not be reached for comment. H Metro