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Beverly’s manager demands taxi from Magaya

By Latwell Nyangu

The noise about former raunchy dancer Beverly Sibanda and the Prophetic Healing Deliverance (PHD) Ministries has been blamed on blackmail by her ‘manager’.

Prophet Walter Magaya and Beverly Sibanda
Prophet Walter Magaya and Beverly Sibanda

Hapaguti “Harpers” Mapimhidze allegedly threatened to tarnish PHD leader, Prophet Walter Magaya’s image in newspapers if the church did not buy him a car to use as a taxi and make up for the loss of revenue following Bev’s withdrawal from the entertainment circles.

Harpers demanded the car from Prophet Magaya as compensation for the loss of Bev.

The past week has seen a series of newspaper articles claiming that Bev was quitting PHD and making her way to the nightclubs.

It was even claimed that she had reunited with her former dance group, Sexy Angels.

However, in an interview with H-Metro on Thursday, Bev said she was repentant and would not be dirty dancing again…at least for the foreseeable future!

She said she was actually working on a gospel project, which is still in its infancy and would not be deterred by people trying to stop her from going to PHD.

“I am going to the studio because I now want to venture into gospel music. I am going to Dr Tawanda Benson’s studio and I do not have any of my old band members. I am doing solo rehearsals and composing gospel songs. When I am ready, I will get help from the (PHD Church) choir.”

Dozens jostle to catch glimpse of Beverly’s new shop
Dozens jostled to catch glimpse of Beverly’s new shop

Senior PHD members are convinced that Harpers is behind the misleading stories about Prophet Magaya and Bev.

“Harpers has been pestering Prophet Magaya demanding a car to use as a taxi because Bev is no longer dancing, which was his source of income.

“He says Prophet Magaya took his brand and for that he must be compensated.

“He (Harpers) used to attend church but now he has stopped. Last week he told Prophet that he was running out of patience and would go on a media campaign to tarnish the church’s image if he is not given the car he demanded.

“So the stories that are coming out in the newspapers are not surprising us because he warned us and we were expecting it. To us its blackmail but that will not stop the church because PHD is not about Bev.

“There is a lot more to the church than Bev and for Harpers to think he can destroy it is wishful thinking. Bev is the one who needed deliverance and that is what’s happening.

“But for Harpers to then think that Prophet Magaya will look after all the people who lived on Bev’s dancing is unrealistic. If Bev is the chosen one it does not include her baggage,” said a senior PHD member.

Contacted for comment, Harpers admitted that he demanded a car from Prophet Magaya.

“Praying is not prohibited but we have worked together with Bev and the first time we met Prophet Magaya I was with her. Magaya knew about Bev through the media, he didn’t prophecy about her.

“Initially we were at the overflow when we were spotted and he became curious about Bev when he invited all the ‘ladies of the night’ to receive God.”

He justified his demands for the car.

“I marketed Bev, she is a brand that I made my own and somebody just came and took her yet I am suffering. I had been going to church but I am feeling like quitting.

“We could make money with Bev but everything has just fallen apart. I supported Bev through thick and thin. I went in police cells in support of her. All of a sudden he took her. I am going back to the industry so that I can earn a living.”

Mapimhidze added that Magaya had promised to take care of him.

He promised to pay rentals for me and food since he said I was working with Bev. He only supported me for two months and that was all.

“The disappointing thing is that he is going behind my back phoning Bev and holding some meetings without my knowledge and I guess he is getting some influence from his church members.

“He is only supporting the women, what about the manager yet I am the only one who went personally with her to meet Magaya for the first time.”

He added: “I can seek assistance from my lawyers because he destroyed my business and I am not happy with the way he is treating me, I have no problem with Bev because I took her as my child, I control her emotions.”

Commenting on this issue of threatening Magaya, Harpers said.

“I told him to give me at least a vehicle which I can use as a taxi so that I wont continue pestering him for help. As the manager for Bev I should benefit because he had helped other ladies of the dance group and why not the manager.

“I sent a message to the church’s spokesperson advising that I have lost patience over the broken promises and I warned them that I would disclose everything to the world.

“Honestly we could make more than US$2000 per month but now it’s difficult, life has changed. I have no personal issues with the prophet but he should support me because he took my business.” H Metro