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Zimbabwe gets its first billionaire

Telecom tycoon Strive Masiyiwa has become Zimbabwe’s first billionaire. According to a report by Forbes, Mr Masiyiwa, 57, is now worth $1,7 billion.

Strive Masiyiwa
Strive Masiyiwa

Mr Masiyiwa controls Econet Group, a Zimbabwe-listed mobile phone company that also has investments in financial services, insurance, e-commerce, renewable energy, education, Coca-Cola bottling, hospitality and payment gateway solutions.

Econet also has a Pay television outfit, Kwesé TV, which is already competing favourably across Africa with Naspers’ DSTV. Shares of the company have surged in value over the past year.

In July last year, Liquid Telecom, a subsidiary of Econet Group successfully raised $700 million in a bond and term loan financing package from international financiers.

Mr Masiyiwa founded Econet in 1993, but was granted a telephony licence by the Zimbabwean Government in 1998, at a time when 70 percent of the country’s inhabitants had never heard a ringtone.

He and his wife, Tsitsi, are the founders of the Higher Life Foundation, which pays school fees for over 40 000 students across the Primary, High school and Tertiary levels.

In February 2013, Mrs Masiyiwa and her husband established the Ambassador Andrew Young Scholarship, a $6,4 million dollar scholarship fund that sends African students to attend the Morehouse College in the United States.

The fund is named after Ambassador Andrew Young, a former United States Ambassador to the United Nations, who is renowned for his vanguard role in the international Civil Rights Movement. The Herald

  • What happened to our EcoSure ?

  • Takaita maBillionaire kudhara isu

  • Legal billionaire.
    Bob and Grace are bout it bout it…

  • I knew it!!!

  • Ndikuteerawo soon will be there

  • Business tycoon

  • From share of 15 billion dollars of diamond ♦ revenue

  • Ndezvepasi pano izvo akafa anovigwa asina kana cent

  • tine ma benefits pazviri here

  • Every Zimbabwean was once a billionaire

  • Was once a billionaire in 2008 but anywhere ts ol gone now

  • amhlope chbaba

  • Ini hangu namugabe ne team rangu rema diamond ziii zvedu nema billion edu in cash

  • Kkkkkkk ko kungotiwo Makorokoto nhai veduwe.

  • Makorokoto chibaba but i encourage you to be guided buy our lord Jesus Christ on the way you are going to spent or use your billions ,remember some people are suffering the whole world mainly on our continent Africa due to wars being supported or sponcered by billioners same as you as i know you or hear the way you do Your bussines am sure your money is blood free.

  • Forbes is pretty late. Zim people don’t need their billionaire status known. All you need is they are rich. Would stupid to ever expose my value but you will see me at all your VIP clubs😉

    • manje uyu zvebhawa haaite idzodzo

    • By clubs I don’t mean zvebhawa lol VIP social & business circles.

  • Gud accomplishment!! many more are coming from Zimbabwe me included!!!

  • I have been once a billionaire in 2008

  • Kkkkkk pane vamwe vasiri mumarecords but vane mabillions avakaba vari kutoseka havo kuti 1.7billion vs 15billion+

  • Point of correction….”first legit billionaire”

  • Makashanda ne Simba

  • ahasikuda girlfriend here

  • TSWARA!!

  • he cannt be the first billionare because me too was a multi billionare in 2008.

  • Thanks fo shunning corruption. Sound policies

  • This is a true son of the soil a great gift to zimbabwe although some people felt he was a sell out he made it big

  • Ummmmmmmm

  • Tomboti waita $1 billion pakati pevanhu 5million varikutambura. Hupfumi hwako hunonaka here??

  • Congratulations

    Some positive news out the Zimbabwe. What a role model

    I hope he conciders the top job one day. Zimbabwe could do with hes management skills

    • Most definitely he is a hands on business man

  • Telecom Tycoon kkkkkkkk!!!

  • imhosva here kuti Masiiwa ndajamukweretesa mari yangu ,kana ndakatadza ndomudhingura mangwana chaiye………kikkkkkkkkkk congrades Mr Masiiwa .

  • imhosva here kuti Masiiwa ndakamukweretesa mari yangu ,kana ndakatadza ndomudhingura mangwana chaiye………kikkkkkkkkkk congrades Mr Masiiwa .

  • Congrats

  • Anga tadze cash crisis yakamusumudzira sterek

  • Takatomboitawo ma trillionare gore riye

  • Yaaa, that one yes, is up there on the world map, the government needs to humble itself & approach this guy, cap in hand, and ask for help!!

  • zvotibetsereyi izvozvo imari yake zve soo

  • Half ye gvt budget yegore rese muhomwe ya Strive. Pakaipa – very soon he will be richer than all Zim put together.

  • Well done sir

  • Congrats munotoibata mnje mnje 15billion yakatsakatika

  • Not by greed as vultures who own mines swaths of lan combining all their numbers who stole from gvt they are miles away and apart with strive: given an opportunity he is striving to uplift the ordiary person very innovative with pple at heart

  • Vanity!

  • Mr u can billionaires but zim people still suffering ,u can say u are billionaire mr u did nt help my love country , u are billionaire for self

  • Haters,let’s hear your voices!

  • Ever hard working Masiyiwa,Congratulations!

  • First legitimate businessman billionaire. We know there are plenty of multi-billionaires like Chombo in Zimbabwe

  • Rwendo

    Late to the party: a 2013 Ventures Magazine special (Vol 5) on Africa’s (at that time 55) billionaires (excluding anyone whose wealth was not believed to arise from legitimate, private not political enterprise) pegged Masiyiwa at 31st position with a worth estimated at $1.46 billion in 2013. First was Nigeria’s Dangote then at $20,2 billion and 55th was Kenya’s Mama Kenyatta then at $1 billion.

    Of the then 10 richest African billionaires, 4 were Nigerian, 4 were South African, 1 Egyptian and 1 from Swaziland. The 55 billionaires all came from just 10 of Africa’s 54 countries and except for 3 were all men.

  • he must come and the president of our nation

  • I am the next one.

  • It took him about five years to get a operators license makava achiramba if it was not for nkomo dai kusina econet rwadzi way I henyu but this man proved a big point that the sky is the limit 16 companies around the world .money can’t just come to your pockets without a plan

  • Through hard work and honesty. Amen

  • LIKE triumph billionaires must be politicians

  • he must employ Zimbabweans and donate mainly in Zimbabwe. I acknowledge his success though

    • imari yake shaa haumu udzire kkkk.

      asi agara wani akudaro.Econet hamuna ma foreigner.Bulawayo scholarship n all

  • takamboita maTrillionaire nguva yaGono. kkkkkkkkkkk

  • we are proud of you man keep up good work

  • We were quadrillionaires at one point, but hungry. One couldn’t even buy a loaf of bread then !!!!

  • American billionaire

  • Muhard

    Zim has several billionare’s, Grace, Dzasukwa, Kasukuwere, Fat Obese Mpofu and many more, they just can’t publicly state it for fear of prosecution.

    • Richest President in Africa.

      The fat croc ? , $2.5Bn-$3Bn.

  • Ko Firipi Chiyangwa?

  • kana billion racho rakachena it’s B hoo itamamwe

  • Not true, how much did i earn in 2008?

  • The person who stole 15billion should come forth and we have 2 in Forbes

  • Congrates Dr , through your hard work , committed and prayers you made it . You mde us proud

  • wherez ichi chivayo neichichi chiyangwa?????

  • My dream

  • He cant fail t b one…SAfrica wtsap/mnth Rand …Zim $1/wk!

  • Congratulations the favor of the lord over your life and family stay blessed the secret always bless those less fortunate than you and the lord will add more to you .

  • I’m next

  • Our own!clean money,lovely!

  • I was once a billionaire, he nt e first ,don’t lie

    • That was during hyperinflationary period meaning that we atained those statuses due to loss of value of our local currency v. But in this case its through working hard as a visionary business man locally and global.

    • Jus e same ,he is wking hard bt vakutibira mari vanhu ve econet ava , bundles ne etym

    • Do you think he’s e first, ko munhu akatora 15billion


  • Congrats bro…Glory2God

    we need u panyanga ,run for presidents office -2018

  • Strive is not the first Zimbabwean billionaire ask Obert Robert And Chatunga

  • Yet very humble man . We need more of his kind in Zimbabwe.

  • Why doesn’t he reduce the cost of his data bundles if he is that rich…even by a few cents !?

  • Mari dzedu idzo to hell

  • This should not be news especially for someone whom we know has been working his back off. We all know his journey. He has not taught us how to be billionaires but how to be successful in all we do!

  • Ngaadyewo nevamwe mukuru uyu.

  • Ndomunhu anofana kuita president munhu akadai ane mari dzake kare

  • He owns mascom (masiyiwa communication) here in botswana