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Fastjet Zimbabwe launches new uniforms for pilots, cabin crew and ground staff

By Tatenda Karuwa | Simple Flying |

On April 19, Zimbabwe’s value-based airline unveiled its new uniform for pilots, cabin crew, and ground staff. The new design showcases the carrier’s readiness for the runway.

Fastjet’s new uniform exhibits the airline’s elegance and will be worn by its staff across all its bases in Zimbabwe and South Africa from Thursday, April 20. This morning, the crew has been serving its Southern African destinations, where the new look has been spotted.

A new appeal of the cabin crew and ground staff

Since commencing operations in 2012, Fastjet has been known around the continent for its aircraft’s yellow and grey livery. The new uniform continues to feature the signature color scheme, making it an iconic piece over the years. Fastjet spokesperson Nunurai Ndawana said;

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“A uniform is a key element of any brand identity and often creates the first impression. We welcome this uniform that embodies elegance and functionality while maintaining the stylish signature touch that Fastjet uniforms are known for.”

The cabin crew has been restyled with a patent yellow runway stripe, creating a prominent presence. The scarves worn by the female staff feature a distinctive speedmark, which is also seen on the aircraft’s livery and represented by a yellow triangular fold on the cabin crew jacket collars and sleeves.

Fastjet's new uniform exhibits the airline's elegance and will be worn by its staff across all its bases in Zimbabwe and South Africa from Thursday, April 20.
Fastjet’s new uniform exhibits the airline’s elegance and will be worn by its staff across all its bases in Zimbabwe and South Africa from Thursday, April 20.

The crew’s service pieces have also been restyled to combine a traditional look with contemporary fashion characteristics. The female cabin crew will wear stylish grey or yellow aprons when attending to passengers onboard, while the male crew will have modern-cut grey waistcoats with subtle yellow features.

Fastjet has replaced the male ground staff and crew’s uniform with a classic grey suit and an elegant yellow tie featuring the airline’s mascot, Percy Grey. Percy is featured on the aircraft’s tail section and is admired by many Fastjet customers. Fastjet COO Donahue Cortes said;

“In designing this new uniform, we focused on our corporate color palettes whilst introducing some of our most distinctive branding elements, such as the livery speed mark and our well-known mascot. Using bespoke fabrics with enhanced breathability capabilities, we are bringing back classic elegance with a smart modern look and some fun elements, such as branded socks that will become a signature statement for our staff.”

Subtle changes for the pilots

For years, the flight crew’s uniforms have been a trademark for airlines around the world. They have been designed to make pilots distinguishable on flights and at airports while exhibiting a commanding look. Although each airline has a unique design, uniforms follow an industry standard, and each feature represents something about the pilot.

Since Pan American World Airlines (Pan Am) introduced pilot uniforms in the early 1930s, the design has come a long way. At Fastjet, the signature features introduced on the new uniform include subtle changes to the pilots’ grey suits.

Fastjet’s modern gear expresses the importance of gender diversity among the staff. It has been tailored to ensure the staff stand out and feel proud when performing their daily duties. Donahue Cortes added:

“Our new uniform has been designed to make our staff feel proud, comfortable, and empowered, ensuring they stand out and excel in every environment.

“Over the past year, we have worked closely in consultation with different departments and colleagues within the business to design a functional, practical, and distinguishable uniform. This uniform considers the varying working conditions of our staff while maintaining compliance with the relevant requirements.”

After taking off from their base at Harare’s Robert Mugabe International Airport (HRE), the pilots and crew have already been spotted at Victoria Falls (VFA), Bulawayo (BUQ), and Johannesburg (JNB) international airports. Fastjet remains committed to offering its customers excellent service and establishing itself as a reliable African carrier.