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Parliament cancels US$1,6 million laptop tender after dubious pricing

The Parliament of Zimbabwe has finally cancelled a tender it awarded to a shadowy company Blinart Investments which was blacklisted recently after trying to dupe the National Assembly of US$1,602,755. 77 in a deal to supply laptops at USD$9200 each.

Secretary for Finance and Economic Development, George Guvamatanga two weeks ago released a damning report saying that Treasury had rejected a tender awarded to Blinart Investments P/L by Parliament for the supply of 173 laptops priced at US$9264.48 each, translating to US$1,602,755.77.

In the same report, the ministry also rejected a tender awarded to a dubious company, Mid-End Computers and Hardware, believed to be owned by one Saul Nyakudya, for the supply 79 desktop computers at US$3 076.61 amounting to US$243 052,36.

The case caused public outcry due to the exorbitant prices which were attached.

Accordingly, in a letter dated September 23, directed to the two controversial companies, Clerk of Parliament Kennedy Chokuda said they had cancelled the tender.

“In accordance with section 42 (1) (f) of the Public Procurement and Disposal of Public Assets Act (Chapter 22:23), you are hereby notified that the tender for the Supply and Delivery of 173 Laptops and 79 All in One Desktops, tender number POZ/DOM/013/2022 has been cancelled in the public interest,” read the letter.

“It is the Parliament of Zimbabwe’s considered view that it is not morally and prudentially justifiable to purchase the goods at the tendered price. It is in this context that the initially awarded tender could not be fully concluded….”

Blinart Investments representative Elizabeth Muchenje had denied any wrongdoing in the case, justifying the prices by telling Nehanda Radio they were not going to supply laptops only.

“Those are lies. We were not only going to supply laptops only, there are other accessories of the laptops that were left out on that document.

“I am sorry I am driving and I am not supposed to be talking to you but go to Parliament and find out what was quoted there,” she said.

“The gadgets in question are Spectra laptops, they are not just ordinary but high-end laptops with so many accessories that make them reach that amount. Actually, that is not the actual amount because there is also value added tax (VAT).

“Yes we were awarded but we did not sign the contract. I am sorry I can’t talk further because I am driving.” Muchenje told Nehanda Radio in an exclusive interview.